5 things coconut oil is good for

Hello friends,

I have decided that it is time for me to attempt to write a useful post. This is my first one ever so let me know what you think!

Coconut oil has been the hype for a while now lately in both the health and beauty community. So, being drawn into what everyone else is interested in, I decided to look up some of these facts myself and see what all the hype is about. I did a lot of reading and research about coconut oil and I truly believe, from experience, that it is a great beauty tool and can aid in your journey to a healthier lifestyle. So, here are my 5 main things that I use coconut oil for!

#1 Whitening my teeth! I know right, its weird. Oil pulling has been going around on the internet for a while now so I decided to try it out. All you have to do it put 1/2 a tsp of oil in your mouth and swish it around for roughly 20 minutes. When I first started I did it every night till I started to see results, but now I only do it once or twice a week to maintain a nice white and healthy smile! They say you can use any type of oil, but I prefer coconut oil. Firstly because of its taste, but also because of its health benefits! Oil pulling with coconut oil is one of the best ways to whiten your teeth naturally, with no harsh chemicals, and promote healthy gums by removing the bacteria buildup. It also freshens your breath, heals bleeding gums, reduces inflammation, etc. A much better option then bleaching your teeth with chemicals in my opinion!

#2 It aids in digestion! Coconut oil is made up of healthy fatty acids, which makes it an easier, and healthier, fat to digest then some of the other fats we consume. This is because they are medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs). Coconut oil can also improve the bacteria in your gut and its overall health!

#3 Multiple skin beauty benefits! You can use coconut oil for an abundant amount of beauty related things that you would have never even thought of before! From simple things like taking off your makeup, cleaning your face, and moisturizing your entire face and body to more complex things like reducing external inflammation on irritated skin. Coconut oil naturally contains vitamin E, which is well known as being an essential component for healthy and glowy skin. The vitamin E in coconut oil is also found to prevent premature wrinkles…you can never get enough of a head start on this am I right ladies?! You can even make an exfoliant from coconut oil when just mixing it with sugar or salts for a gentle, but softening and moisturizing scrub!

#4 A healthy food alternative! Coconut oil is very good to cook with at high temperature because it does not get deformed like some other oils do. It also works as a dairy free replacement for butter or as a substitute for your chemical filled coffee creamer you drink every morning! Also, I LOVE to make my popcorn on the stove with coconut oil because of the amazing flavour it gives!

#5 Cheap and great smelling hair care! Coconut oil can actually stimulate hair growth when rubbed into the scalp daily, believe it or not. You can also use it for an anti-frizz treatment or a leave in conditioner. For a leave in conditioner/hair mask all you need to do is rub the oil throughout your hair and pin it up. Leave it in for a few hours then wash out! I would suggest doing this once a week to keep your hair nice and healthy. Plus your hair will shine for days!

Lastly, the best thing about coconut oil is that a little goes a long way. You don’t need to use an excessive amount to get these benefits, just a little bit here and there. Hope you enjoyed these tips on what to use coconut oil for!

Till next time, xoxo



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  1. brockbuildersteel

    So it was the Coconuts I was obtaining from the oriental market; I use to take the city buses around town for exercise, as I would not sit, but rather I would stand at the front, and hold upon the high hand railing over head, all the stops and goes and turns, made for an awesome Isometric exercise workout, doing so five days ever week, I would get off at the station, then with my day pack (Rock sack for day light mountain scrambling’) I would have my Water bottle from home, never store bought waters in Plastic bottle which leached melamine if kept in the hot sun; but water bottle from home with purified filtered water.

    ‘Also in my backpack I keep a small soup thermo, for holding a lot of fresh raw shelled almonds which are great energy poppers). Then in my black boots I would hike walking the town from one end to the other, stopping for a sushi brunch of two orders of ‘Negiri style Sushi’ ‘Sake’ (Salmon) this would give me a ‘Huger less energy packed day with lasting endurance. Hours of walking, enjoying the sunny day, and stopping in to the natural / organic foods and natural health products market… earthy people and a world in its own that must be experienced. Then I would walk across town to the Oriental market and hand select and buy a white husked coconut.

    ‘Take it across the street to the huge market. Buy an organic apple and or an Avocado. Seated out on the food tables, I would take out my fixed blade Knife and whittle away the white husk and carefully pierce the hard inner shell, lifting it up and back drinking the deliciously sweet water within, like a Polynesian guy (18 tattoos) on the Island shores of Samoa, then splitting open the coconut and spooning out the soft buttery meat. And receiving inquiring eyes,

    ‘But, my point is this: ‘That I was getting Healthy and buff fast, my belly fat was melting away, complexion was blemish free, and I got a lot of complements and lady friends asking how it is my skin looks so very healthy and nice.’ Healthy – Healthy – Healthy’

    ‘I am a guy, not into glam or into how I look for other people. But a healthy Life style and it showed, and I will contest, a lot of it was being in balance, and coconut water and meat is a big part of it. I think people really need to be encouraged and hear these things. And I highly praise your writing of this blog post and encourage you to do more, and live life well. Your staring off great my friend… Read you Later ‘ 🙂


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