Natural Bridge & Emerald Lake, BC

Hello friends,

I told you that I would post some pictures from the other half of my hiking trip this summer so, as promised, here they are. As you can probably guess from the title we ended up doing the second part of our trip in British Columbia! Now, we did not go very far into BC, but what we did see was absolutely stunning! Our main destination was Emerald Lake, but on the way there we pulled over at the Natural Bridge. Now, let me tell you… if you ever want to be blown away by the beauty of nature you must go there! It is absolutely gorgeous!




Uhm yeah this is a real place… hard to believe I know. The water is exactly the colour in the pictures, just mind blowing!

So once we admired that beautiful slice of heaven for a while, we continued down the little dirt road until we hit our destination. Emerald Lake. Oh my god you guys, I could not even keep my jaw shut when we pulled up… my boyfriend was actually laughing at my reaction. Literally a jaw dropping experience.


This is what you see when you get there, yup GORGEOUS! No vehicles are allowed to cross this bridge except one van you can take to bring your luggage across. And let me tell you this makes it such a peaceful and quiet place. There is also no cell service, just internet in the main lodge, so if you really want a get away, this is it.


This was the view that we got to look at from the outdoor hot tub. We took advantage of this hot tub every single night after we ate amazing food at their restaurant. We would fill up on an appetizer, main dish and then desert … yup desert was always in the question, and then we would sit in the tub and soak up this stunning view. Usually there was no one else in there which was very nice 😉


This has to be my favourite picture from our entire trip. The water was so still the morning I took this and the reflection was just amazing. This was taken off a little dock they have once you cross the bridge. We also use to come here, sit down and just admire the beauty in front of us.


On our last full day there we went for a pretty intense hike. For not being experienced hikers we did pretty darn good. This was the view of Emerald Lake we had when we were about 2/3 of the way up. Every so often we would just stop and look around us at the beauty of nature. Definitely worth the workout to get up here if you ask me.

I would definitely check out Emerald Lake Lodge if you are into the outdoors and being away from society and social media for a bit. It is truly an amazing experience.

Till next time, xoxo

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