2 weeks between me & christmas

Hello friends,

As you may or may not know, I am a fourth year university student. This means I am very experienced with the whole exam situation and how everyone is in a panic state until its over. At this time of year, there is two weeks between me and my long christmas break. Just two weeks until I am home with my fur babies (my two puppies for those of you who aren’t dog moms) and I can do nothing at all but watch christmas movies, bake, and eat lots of food.

Well, when you put it like that it doesn’t sound so bad! In reality though its two weeks to write four exams as well as a take home exam in my politics course…oh boy should that be fun. These days will go by slower than ever, clock hands barley moving as you stare at your computer hoping to start studying at some point before night rolls around. Every student goes through this. We are all so drained by the end of the semester and it shows.

You can always tell between first year and fourth years because the fourth years just don’t care anymore. Walking around with a coffee at hand, hair in a bun for god knows how many days, and the same sweat suit from the week before. Senioritis is a real thing my friends, look it up.

I just wanted to write this post today because I have not been very active on my blog recently. I still love it though don’t get me wrong. I just find it hard to get inspired for new post content when I am stuck in this same small town while my amazing camera is across the country in another province. Here in the East coast, they don’t get snow like Alberta does. The trees are barren and there is more rain then anything at this time of year. It is cold yet no snow…kind of makes me depressed which is why these last two weeks are so long.

I cannot wait to be back home in the snow. In the real winter… the true Northern winters of Canada. So many pictures to be taken and posts to be written…sooo get ready for the christmas posts guys!

Anyways, I should really stop procrastinating and get back to studying … whoops! So here is a really cute picture of my puppies to end this random rambly post 🙂


Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Until next time,


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