Exploring Calgary for the First Time!

Hello friends,

Todays post will be about my first time exploring downtown Calgary. This post is the exploration half of my most recent post about the Peace Bridge!


I have never lived in a large city before moving here in May, and let me tell you it is so different from anywhere I have lived before. The buildings downtown are huge and full of windows and still every time we drive downtown it amazes me. This was the area that I parked at when I headed to explore the Peace Bridge. I made sure to use the full time that I paid for since parking in downtown Calgary is not cheap!




This bird was cawing so loud it was crazy. It took me a while to find where the sound was coming from since he was hidden behind a tree, but I found him!



They had beautiful hanging baskets in front of a very expensive looking apartment building that was right along the walkway…I don’t even want to know how much they pay per month there! I love when cities put up nice hanging baskets. I find it adds a nice touch to any area of town. Also, it adds some nature back into a city full of cement! When I was younger we called Calgary the cement jungle haha


This little spot I found was so peaceful and cute. You could sit there for hours just staring at the beautiful scenery around you. This was along the trail I was walking on!


Peace bridge was so busy when I went there, however I did still manage to get some pictures with no people in them so I call that a success! Let me know if you guys would enjoy more behind the scenes of getting the main pictures and I would be happy to do some of those posts in the future!

Until next time,


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