My New Lens!

Hello friends,

Todays post will be about an early Christmas gift from my parents! I cannot tell you how extremely excited I am about this particular gift! It is by far my favourite one I have ever gotten I believe. They let me pick out a new lens for my camera and bought it for me. I am so very grateful for them and their generosity to help me continue to pursue my passion.

So I am not sure if I have ever mentioned this before, but the camera I use to take most of the shots you’ve seen is a Nikon D7000. Now I do have two lenses, which are over 4 years old now. I have an 18-105 mm and a 10-20 mm lens. Now I usually use the 18-105 mm one because it allows me to zoom more then my other one.

So for my grade 12 graduation my parents got me this brand new camera because I had a very mediocre one before and I loved taking photos. Little did they know that I would fall in love with photography. Throughout the last four years, my mom always asked me if I wanted a new lens for my birthday or christmas and I said no “I will let you know when I have out grown these ones”. And folks .. that time has come!



My new lens is on the left. It doesn’t look too much larger here but you just wait!


Here it is. Oh my gosh so beautiful!




Way better zoom on this lens! So excited to try it out!



So lets welcome my new baby into the family! Sorry about these pictures of the lens though.. I had to use my iphone haha

I just wanted to once again thank my parents for this amazing gift. I definitely would not be as knowledgeable about photography as I am today without their support. ❤ 🙂

The next post you see with pictures will be with my new lens! Let me know if you guys can see the difference between the two!

Until next time,


5 thoughts on “My New Lens!

  1. Hey that is wonderful, Phoenix! You will really like the versatility of that new lens. I just bought a Nikon 18-200 mm lens this spring. Your new 18-400 will be even more useful. You will have everything from a moderate wide angle to a super telephoto. That 400 mm length with the Nikon DX size censor makes your lenses function like a 600mm on a full size 35mm sensor. You can start doing some wildlife shots. Merry Christmas!

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