On the Hunt for Christmas Lights! | 2017

Hello friends,

So last night I went on an adventure to find Christmas lights. Firstly, because I love looking at them and secondly, because I have not done a post with pictures in a little bit! I ran out of pictures from previous trips we went on in the summer and with working two jobs, it is hard to find time to go out and get pictures. However, last night I got my lazy butt up and got some pictures for you guys!

DSC_4290 (1)

Now let me just say, I have never really done night pictures before so don’t judge me too harshly. Over time, and with a lot more practice, they will look better I promise!


Most of these pictures are from a community called Legacy in Calgary. I thought they did a pretty good job with their display. Although the other side of the road had lights too but they were not lit up .. so I am not sure what happened there!



The next few pictures I was trying to get artsy, but I have not quite mastered that yet! haha


DSC_4304 (1)



I am pretty sure in the next picture there are three elves and a present, but because of the trees in the background it is kind of hard to tell!







This gazebo was so beautiful and I actually came across it by mistake! I was trying to get back to the main road, but instead I turned the wrong way and drove up to this! So of course I got out and explored a bit. It was lit up so nicely right in the centre of all these houses!


Do you guys drive around at Christmas time looking at lights and trying to find the best ones? Maybe grab a hot chocolate or two? Let me know in the comments below! πŸ™‚

Until next time,


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