Well, it’s almost the end of January…

Hello friends,

I just wanted to pop in here to see how all of you are doing! I know January is like THE MONTH for resolutions and all of that jazz, and by this time we are usually slipping away from them. So I thought I would update you on how I am doing and then you can do the same in the comments!

As most of you probably read, I wrote up a post on my new years resolutions (click here if you haven’t read it!).

The first resolution on my list was to eat more veggies! And so far I am still succeeding with that! We have only gone out to eat once so far this month, and it was for breakfast so I didn’t really make any changes there because I wasn’t going to have a side salad for breakfast haha but I have been absolutely loving those salad mixes from the store! I use to always just make my own salad at home, but then I would waste ingredients because I didn’t find it tasty enough. Now we buy 2 of those salad mixes every week and they are gone by Wednesday! I told my boyfriend we need to start buying 3 because we love them so much! So, if you are struggling with getting those veggies in try the salad mixes. They are always exciting and there are always new ones to try!

Second resolution on my list was to make more time for my blog. Now this one I think I have decently stuck to. I do take my laptop to a coffee shop on the weekends still to work on it, which I enjoy because its me time (aka time away from the boy toy… love you babe 🙂 ). However, I have started to space out my work more so that I don’t cram it all into one day per week like I was doing before. This makes it more enjoyable to do I find! However, sometimes I can get a bit lazy like I did this morning and pick to watch Netflix instead of work on it! Whoops!

And now for my completely failed resolution so far … listen to the news more! I have found this hard to do haha I use to drive a lot because my second job was 35 mins each way, but now I am only at one job which is 5 mins away from my house! So I never listen to the radio anymore. Even at home, we never really watch TV. Netflix is what we go to… so I still need to work on this one. I will keep you guys updated to see how I am doing!

Last but not least, was to go on 1 or 2 good trips! My boyfriend and I are planning to go on one at Christmas, which will be so exciting! It is not set in stone or anything, but we have talked about it… now time to plan and save up! We will also probably do at least 1 in the summer. I am not too worried about getting a head start on this resolution right now since its only 3 weeks into 2018 lol Obviously you guys will know when I go on any trips!

Well, those are my updates. So far 3/4 are going good haha I will get to 4/4 by the end of the year! Also another smaller resolution that kind of goes with eating more veggies and being healthier is sticking to my workout plan! I am currently on week 4/12 of a new program and I have not missed one workout! So I am pretty proud about that 🙂

Don’t forget to update me with your resolutions/goals for 2018 down below! What have you accomplished so far?

Until next time,


16 thoughts on “Well, it’s almost the end of January…

  1. Good job! Regarding the news, here is a thought. When you go to the coffee shop to work on your blog, take 10 minutes and log onto a good solid news site. I don’t know what your Canadian news sites are, but for example the Calgary TV stations and newspaper all have web pages. Take a look at those. Look at AP – Associated press, BBC, etc. It is a habit like working out, but once you get into the habit, it will be natural. Pick up a paper at the coffee shop too. They usually have some on the tables for customers.

    Anyway, you are better than I am — I am not a big resolution person. But I do want to post more consistently in my blog, and so far it’s looking better. Thanks again, Phoenix.

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  2. No resolutions for me, too old for that stuff I guess. Adventures and travels are my goals for 2018. Started off well up in Vancouver, WA for New Years. Planning, several adventures to the CA desert then back up to WA in April. Back to up to WA in April. Then my big trip a 45 day trip traveling from So Cal to The Northwest Territories and the Arctic Ocean back into Alaska and back home to CA starting in mid July. After that I don’t know what is in store. Can not wait to hear of your adventures this year have a good one.

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  3. I think it’s safe to say you’re doing better with your New Year’s resolutions than about 95% of all people who made resolutions. haha Good for you! Keep it up! 🙂 My only resolution this year is to be happy with my life, no matter what. At times, it hasn’t been easy, but happiness is something that we can all control. We create our own happiness. Through the not so great moments I have experienced so far, I have reminded myself that nothing lasts forever. Those moments are just temporary setbacks. The future is full of potential, and that potential makes me smile. 🙂

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  4. I love the salad mixes from the grocery store! They make it easier to eat healthy and I feel like it’s cheaper than buying all the individual things.

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