The Next Chapter

Hello friends,

I’m back.

Sorry I left unannounced. Life got insane. Like holy crap.

But on the plus side of the last few insanely busy and hectic months I got lots of pictures! Which I will be sharing regularly again now that I am almost settled… well not really, but posts will be back!

So near the end of February this year, my boyfriend and I found out that he got a job in Ottawa, ON Canada. This job is much better then the one he had, so of course he took it. I didn’t mind moving. Obviously it is very stressful and costly, but its also really exciting and spontaneous of us. We are usually very routine people haha so looking at each other and being like… “ya babe lets do it…lets move across the country!” is absolutely uncharacteristic of us, both individually and as a couple, but here we are!

Now, once we officially knew that we were moving, shit got real – real quick. We literally sold 90% of our apartment belongings in a week, packed everything up, and headed out. My boyfriend came to Ottawa straight away to begin his new job. I went back up to Fort McMurray and painted my parents house and then went to Europe and surprised my sister! She is teaching in Bristol, UK right now. My parents and I all went over seas to London and toured around a bit, spending most of our time with my sister in Bristol. Man was she ever happy to see me… uh well I mean the parents too obviously… haha she knew my parents were coming but not me! We surprised her and she surprised us at the airport. It was a win for everyone!

So the trip was about a week and a half and there will many posts from all the pictures so don’t you worry! Once back from Europe it was back to work at the parents house. Finishing up things so I could jet out of there! (lol just kidding … love those old folks) But once you have been living on your own its hard to go back to living with your parents! Who can relate?!

Anyways, that next Monday we (mother and I) were off to Ontario! My mom with the truck packed to the roof and I with my old rusty Rav4 loaded to the ground, hit the crappy pavement running. Bright and early trying to grab a quick McDonalds coffee before we headed out, but as per usual it took way longer then expected.

We took 3 days to drive 37 hours across the country. Lots of driving, lots of coffee, lots of music and audio books, and lots of laughs and memories. I will always appreciate road trips, even if my butt is numb for most of the time. When we arrived in Massey, ON Canada it was around dinner time. My grandma had all the goodies cooked up for us.

Well hold on now, she didn’t know I was coming either! I surprised my grandparents with the news that I was moving to Ontario in person! They were very surprised to see me unannounced like that, but also very happy…I think! Lots of hugs were given and received and smiles went all around. With me living in Ottawa now, I am only 5.5 hours away from the grandparents instead of 37! Much better eh!

I stayed with them in Massey that first night, and then we headed to Sudbury, ON (1 hour drive). This is where I got to surprise my cousins, etc. We hungout that night and ate Chinese food. A grandparent classic!

The next day I went off to Ottawa in the afternoon (5.5 hour drive). Since then (almost a week now) I have been running around trying to get lots of important adult things done and in the back of my mind the entire time all I could think was, I need to update my blog peeps on whats been going on!

And there you have it. My last couple of months update. Hectic and impulsive but worth it so far! Now time to finish up all of the things I need to get done and find me a job haha moving provinces isn’t all fun and games!

I promise to upload a regular post in the very near future. Many many cool and exciting pictures and stories to come! How have your last few months been? Any big or exciting changes happen?! I would love to hear down below πŸ™‚

Total Drive time: 43.5 hours πŸ˜‰

A New Beginning Awaits

P.S The header picture is from our flight home from London, its the Arctic Ocean!

Until next time,


18 thoughts on “The Next Chapter

  1. Congratulations on the new home base!!! So cool you got to surprise people:)
    I last about two weeks tops with my parents now- love them, but just too used to living on my own!

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  2. Long road trips and plane flights, I just cannot do plane flights, and cross ocean flight must bring you just short of going insane. I freak out in elevators, it doesn’t help to be crammed in with many miserable people on a jet for hours, and I am messed up for just a 4 hour flight. Car rides, are ok, and with my wife and our little son we made the best of the road trip, and TG for him having a Tablet to play games and watch his interactive cartoons upon. If I had to drive across country solo, then I would have a lot of music. When I was 17 I fell asleep while driving, my girlfriend / to become first wife, she was looking down tuning the car radio. Something 1962 dodges had in the dash that got Am / Fm radio waves. Anyways she looks up screams grabs the steering wheel turning it sharp left, which put us in a spin, I am shocked awake and have a death grip on the wheel, it was a John Candy / Steve Martin β€œTrains – Planes – and Automobile frightening car panic moment. :O

    The good news is we didn’t crash into the wooden telephone pole, or cross the two lane highway and launch off over the sea cliff into the sea as the car is now on the highway. The bad news is now the car is heading BACKWARDS in the wrong opposite lane. :O Skids to a stop facing the wrong way, white knuckled, huge wide eyes, hearts pounding, I started the stalled engine back up and got us turned around thank god it was dark thirty am half past witching hour and we were the only cars upon the sea cliff highway until we got turned around and in our own lane. I drove us home and neither of slept for a day and a half from the pure adrenaline rush. You only ever fall asleep while driving and you either live through it or don’t. If you live through it, you never drive while extremely tired. I am so glad to hear that you made it ok, without any grilled venison or road accidents. Coffee and laud music are a rod trippers best friend. Ottawa sounds like a cool place, hope to see lots of scenic pictures. πŸ™‚

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    1. Wow that must of been a scary experience! We took lots of little short breaks to get up and stretch. Just moving around in the fresh air every couple of hours really helps with staying alert.

      I’m excited to explore Ottawa and see what it has to offer ☺️


  3. It was great to hear from you again, Phoenix. I was wondering what had happened. Sounds like you have some new adventures heading your way.

    I don’t recall if you follow me, but I have been really trying to post more frequently. Been on a couple of adventures that you can read about.

    Glad you are well, and I am anxious to see your next blogs. Thanks for catching up, and best of luck in your new adventures.

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  4. I forgot to say how much I laughed at your “numb butt” comment. I can totally relate. Every year I drive to the Pacific Northwest to see clients up there, and I typically end up with about 2700 miles (4345) kilometers. Yep I know numb butt. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    But I love road trips; you just see more and experience where you are going. I love them.

    Oh and as you asked what’s new, I got a 700 plus horsepower Dodge Charger Hellcat. It is a blast, and there is no numb butt. It is a kick in the pants. πŸ˜‚ Best wishes.

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  5. I wish I could move out of Florida. The world is such a big place to be stuck in just one state our whole life. Best of luck!

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