Life Update | September 2018

Hello friends,

Today I bring you a life update. Over this summer I have not been consistent with my posting. I moved to a new city, got a new full time job, tried to explore around and keep up with all the social activities.

However, even with all these new changes something was still off. I was not feeling fulfilled or happy with what I was doing with my life. That is why I chose to go back to school this fall to get educated in what I have always been interested in. The world of Design. I have always loved designing and creating things ever since I was little – I just never understood where to start because I enjoy so many areas of it.

I love creating on the computer, but also hand on projects. I love building, but also delicate close up photography. There are so many areas of “art” I would love to explore, but I have always strayed away from it because naturally I am good at sciences and math. I am not the best drawer out there either and I always thought to do anything in art you need to be good at drawing, but I have been told otherwise so now I guess I will put that information to the test eh!

I am enrolled in the Design Studies certificate program at Algonquin College. My first legit art schooling ever. It is unbelievably nerve wrecking to walk into a classroom and not know how good you will do. I always had an idea of the grade I could get and relatively how hard the course would be because I had taken so many science courses before. Now its completely opposite. I know nothing about this side of school – scary yet exciting at the same time.

Going back to school at the completely opposite end of the spectrum I am use to is forcing me to open up my mind to new ideas and to truly embrace the creative side of myself that I have always wanted to explore. The scientific side of me would of never started this blog – but the creative side said go for it.

That is was I am doing – going for it.

I am excited to see where my mind will be come April when this course is done, but for now its a mystery to you and me. I will keep you guys updated with my thoughts and where my head is at with the art world. Hopefully I love it.

I am 22 – now is my time to explore what I want to do.

Find what makes me happy.

And flourish.

… while of course protecting the environment as I go because without our environment we could not be here doing what we love.

Let me know your thoughts and if you have ever done something like this before, I would love to hear about your experiences πŸ™‚

Until next time,


18 thoughts on “Life Update | September 2018

  1. You beautiful soul. Embrace this new creative world and enter it without expectation and absorb every moment like Alice in wonderland. This new experience will change who you are as a person and will shape your future, just let it be what it is and roll with it. Xx, your biggest fan

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  2. Phoenix you’ve already succeeded simply by throwing yourself into something so new and different that you’ve always been interested in. Pursue it with all your passion and you’ll be amazed at your results. Do it for yourself.

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  3. I’m actually doing it now πŸ™‚
    I left my 9-5 job couple months ago and now I’m doing a 3 months coding course full time. I felt like there’s something is missing from my old 9-5 job or like you said, something is off. I felt like there’s supposed to be more, something that would make me want to jump out of bed in the morning. And my last job didn’t do that for me. So I quit and because I always thought that coding is interesting, I decided that it’s time to dive deeper into my interest. That’s why I also signed up for the French course once a week. Probably those two courses will lead me somewhere new just like your design school to you πŸ™‚
    I’m still not sure where I’m going to end up after this, but so far, I still feel that quiting my old job was a good decision.
    So go for it!!! It’s time for exploration πŸ™‚

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  4. Good for you, Phoenix!! You’ve already done something that most people are scared to do… you made the decision to try something new and have begun. Most people want to try something new and different, but their fear of failure prevents them from even beginning. By going for it and stepping out of your comfort zone, you’re already on the path to success. You have every reason to be proud of yourself for that.

    I can absolutely relate to this new chapter in your journey through life. I apologize if this gets long, but I have a story for you…

    Growing up, all I ever wanted to do was get into the music industry. Although it wasn’t exactly on the level I had hoped, I did it. I made it happen, and enjoyed every second of it for 6 years. Then, as I approached my 30th birthday, I realized I needed to make some changes in my life. I unexpectedly ran across an opportunity to pursue a new journey I had never considered before. Long story short, I decided to pack up and leave behind the only life I had ever known. I left behind all of my family and friends. I moved by myself from North Dakota to the Orlando, Florida area to go back to school and work toward a career in the golf industry. Golf was a favorite hobby of mine, but I never in a million years considered the possibility of a career in the golf industry. I was born with Spina Bifida and was told from birth that I probably would never walk. I have always been told that everything I do in my life will be harder than it would be for people who aren’t disabled. Any time someone has told me that I can’t do something or that something will be hard to accomplish/achieve, I have used that as motivation to push myself beyond what I had previously believed were my limits. I knew I was moving to Florida to go back to school and hopefully find some kind of job. Other than that, I had no plan and no clue what to expect. I just let things fall into place. I have now been teaching golf for 2 years and am the director of a special needs junior golf program. This new chapter in my life started when I turned 30. I am 33 now and am starting to see pieces of the puzzle fall into place. Being 22 and taking a chance on something that is different from what you have done to this point allows you to take chances. You have all the potential in the world. I wish you the very best in this new chapter of your life, and hope you use any struggles you may face along the way to push yourself to do more than you may realize you are capable of doing. I look forward any updates you share with us along the way. Good luck to you and I hope you enjoy every second of this new opportunity you have given yourself!!

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words Danny. It is truly terrifying, but I feel stuck in life and hopefully getting out of my comfort zone will be a big enough push to keep me going!

      Wow your story there made me tear up – you are really doing something incredible with your life. I love hearing stories like yours. Those kids are so lucky to have someone like you believing in them!

      Hope all is going well for you! πŸ™‚

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      1. You’re very welcome! And thank you for your kind words, as well! Sorry about the slow reply. Life has been crazy lately, but it’s been a good crazy. Hopefully this is just the beginning.

        I hope all is going well for you, too!! πŸ™‚

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  5. I just did the exact same thing – moved to Ottawa for a fresh start! You just gotta put yourself out there. Moving around has been a bit of a hobby and I’ve learned that change is a beautiful thing.

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