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Here is my picture of the week!


The beautiful model in this picture is my puppy Marlo. She is 8.5 years old and a golden lab mixed with the komondor sheep dog (the sheep dog with the dreadlocks off of bugs bunny). She is an amazing fur baby and I thought this picture was a good reminder of what we should be feeling every day.

I took this picture at camp (where I go every summer to fish, swim, and chill with the grandparents). It was early in the morning and it was a gorgeous day. Marlo was sitting on the driveway because my parents had gone somewhere. She always lays there waiting for them. I got her to sit up and I caught her smiling in the summer sun. Such a great moment and feeling. I remember being so happy that morning just hanging out wth my furry friends.

Do you have a dog?

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