Why you should move across the country

Why hello friends, it has been a while. I have missed you and this little community of ours.

I don’t even know where to begin. August of 2020 I moved into my first home in Carleton Place Ontario, and here we are in June of 2021….out in British Columbia! Now this isn’t just a visit. I am permanently living here – well for now. You all know how much I like to hop around.

I moved to Ontario in the spring of 2018 and I though yes this should make me happy. Moving close to all of my family and I got my first job at an environmental consulting firm. I thought for sure that is where I would stay for the rest of my life honestly; somewhere in Ontario. However, every time someone asked me how I liked living there, I would aways say ,”oh it’s fine.. and beautiful here but nothing compares to out West for me”. I never really clued into how much I missed living out West until now I guess.

Eventually I outgrew the relationship that brought me to Ontario and then I was alone. For the first time ever really. It was just me and my thoughts. I fell into a darker place and I remember struggling and thinking to myself, “Does everyone feel this miserable all the time? Is no one content and happy with their life?”. I had dealt with that for a couple years after moving. It really made me look to see if anyone loved the life they were living or if they were all just coasting. What I found out upon my research (through interrogating and studying my friends, family & potential love interests) is that people love to just settle. Settle with their work, where they live, and who they interact with on the daily. They settle for the decisions that other people make for them and the life they are told that they should be living. Get a job, get married, have kids, only go on vacation when its vacation time from work and spend your life working until you finally get to retire (maybe) and then what? Then you can maybe move to the place you have always wanted to live? Go on those spontaneous adventures? Get the dog you always wanted?

I thought f**k that. I am not settling.

Now I want to reiterate here, this is whole heartily my personal opinion and I know many people will disagree with this and that is OK. I feel like in this world we live in, people don’t think you are allowed to disagree with “the norm” or have your own opinions about “hot topics” because its too controversial. Who is to say you need to work your way up a corporate ladder in a city you don’t vibe with, just to make ends meet (barley) and then not have any time for yourself to actually enjoy life?

I know I am going on a tangent here, however its something that I have become super passionate about ever since I began to live life for me. For no one else except me. It is one of the most freeing things you can do.

I did all the steps: got a degree, found a job I can make into a career, bought a house…I skipped the relationship and kid part, but I got a fur baby so that is close enough. Once I had my house and was building a solid career I was confused as to why I still wasn’t happy. Upon further self interrogation, I figured the reason out and I asked myself serious questions that literally had life changing solutions.

I asked myself:

  • Do you like living here? Does it bring you joy, peace and happiness on the daily?
  • Do you like your job? (yes I fully understand you probably won’t love it but do you at least like it?) Do you dread getting up everyday? Do you dread Sunday night because you know the shit you have to deal with for 12 hours every day this upcoming week?
  • Are you happy? If yes fabulous – if no, what could make you happy?
  • Are you constantly thinking about living a different life? Day dreaming your current life away? If so, what does it look like and why aren’t you living it?

These are extremely simple questions, and it all boiled down to was I happy. I had an easy answer of hell no. Thats when the wheels started spinning and I finally hopped in the drivers seat of my life. If you are not happy with your life or how you are living it, YOU are the only one who can take control and change it. Don’t wait for the perfect time or for your ducks to all be in a row because that will never happen.

Hell I bought and sold a house in a pandemic. I quit my career. I sold all my belongings (or stored it with my parents – shout out to always helping me move). I packed my 4 winter tires, my dog and a queen size bed into my car and took off for the West coast. Literally as far as you can go West.

That’s where I am going to leave my story for now. It will be continued… follow my blog if you are interested in hearing adventure & life stories.

I am also considering making some adventure type vlogs so that you can read the post and then watch a short video that takes you through it. Let me know if you would be interested in something like that. I also have another little side piece I am working on which I will be sharing shortly so stay tuned.

As always, until next time


8 thoughts on “Why you should move across the country

  1. Well done Phoenix. You are correct, many people don’t have the nerve or planning ability to “go for it”.
    Personally, I think you did a great thing. You are only limited by your mind, so dream it and then just go do it!

    With the right attitude, you will always achieve much greater goals than what you had dreamed. Keep us posted.

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  2. Good for you Phoenix! I am so glad to see your post, and even happier that you are finding true happiness. The older I get, the more I realize the truth of what you just said.

    To answer your question, I love my job. But, I don’t like living in Utah. It doesn’t fit me. My wife and I are kind of stuck here because of our careers, her more than I.

    Go find yourself while you are young. I wish you all the best!

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