Bourgeau Lake/Harvey Pass | Banff, AB Canada Pt. 2

Bourgeau Lake/Harvey Pass | Banff, AB Canada Pt. 2

Hello friends,

Todays post is a continuation of part one! If you haven’t read it yet, click here! ๐Ÿ™‚

So we are now done our beautiful lunch, which was fruit, muffins, and peanut butter & honey sandwiches (so good!), and we are starting up to Harvey Pass! At this point I was exhausted, but I wanted to do it because of the views and pictures I could get haha

From Bourgeau Lake, it is about a 2.2 km slightly harder hike to Harvey Pass. This path leads to magnificent views.


Already the mountains are so beautiful. I have literally never been this high on a mountain before. We were so close to the top!


DSC_4092 (1)

So you see that greyish rocky “path” … yeah that is what we hiked up. Let me tell you there was no path, we literally scrambled up rocks! Very loose rocks to say the least. I am so happy we had hiking poles because they helped soo much! Especially on the way down. You think they would help more on the way up, however it was very easy to slide on the way down and if you put your poles in front of you it helps a lot!




There is Bourgeau Lake where we ate lunch at! I actually could not believe how much farther up we hiked after the huge hike we did just to get to the lake!


Oh my gosh, this was the coolest part of the entire day I would have to say! Can you spot what is on top of the mountain?! It’s big horn sheep! There was quite a few of them up there, we could not believe that we actually saw them!



And this is the farthest we got on Harvey’s Pass. You can continue around the lake and up further, but we were exhausted and had a long hike back. We also wanted to get back to the car before dark and our hour drive home!



It was also so unbelievably windy at this point in the hike! I could not imagine going up higher on this mountain. We would have gotten blown off! It was so windy that it was hard to hear each other talk.




Literally soooo close to the top of the mountain! ๐Ÿ™‚


My man trying to see the sheep. We could see them better in my camera then in his binoculars!


Still could not put my camera down even on the way back! I was in awe this entire hike….besides the fact that my legs were actually dying.


I looove glacial water. So beautiful.

This was a picture we took at the highest point we hiked, you can see how windy it was because of my hair and he is wearing his hat strap! haha Well I hope you enjoyed our hike! I would definitely recommend doing it even though it was a challenge, because I have been to the rockies a million times, but I have never seen sights like these before ๐Ÿ™‚

Hope you guys enjoy living vicariously through my pictures! Would you continue to Harvey Pass or just stop at Bourgeau Lake?

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The Outskirts of Banff, AB | Canada

The Outskirts of Banff, AB | Canada

Hello friends,

Todays post will be from our drive out of Kootenay National Park and into Banff! This is where our big trip ended… sadly. At this point it was safe to say that we had an amazing trip. We did so many activities and hikes, and tried out a million new restaurants (some good and others not so much …). However, there comes a time on every vacation where you just want to go home. That time was now for us.

We were absolutely exhausted!



This day it was actually quite cloudy out. But it kind of made the mountains mysterious in a way so I kept getting my boyfriend to pull the car over whenever I saw a good photo opportunity!



Throughout the drive, as we approached Banff, the skies started to clear up and then we saw these beautiful more square then normal mountains! The most common drawing of a mountain is one with a peak at the top because that is what you mostly see. But these ones were something else! So beautiful!





The dusting of the snow and the beautiful trees lining the bottom of the mountain takes my breath away every time. I swear I could sit there and stare at them for hours. I saw the mountains today actually on my drive home form the grocery store, and more then ever did it make me want to go back there again. I have been to the mountains, especially Banff, way too many times to count, yet it still draws me back.




Here are those beauties again!


Well I hope you enjoyed re-living my summer trip with me. I know I sure did! I cannot wait until my next adventure!

Until next time,


The Drive Out | Kootenay National Park

The Drive Out | Kootenay National Park

Hello friends,

Todays post will have a few surprise pictures for you! I was so excited when I got to take them! I liked the drive through Kootenay, it was stunning. I am pretty sure we pulled over at every turnout on the side of the road there was! I even made my boyfriend stop on the side of the road a few times haha



All mountain pictures may look the same to everyone, including some of you reading this, however I find them all unique in some way. I could and do take pictures of mountains all day long!


They just look so majestic!


Here is the surprise! A beautiful grizzly bear! Oh my gosh I cannot even explain how long we were waiting to see one of these! This highway had a no-stop section because there were apparently a million grizzly bears out, but we didn’t even see one until it was almost time to leave!

DSC_3543 (1)

Staring right at me! I was like a little kid on Christmas morning when I realized I got a picture like this.




The transport truck actually scared him off down the hill and we were the car in front of it! So lucky that we were not behind that truck or else we would not have seen this beautiful bear!


Just look at his hump though!


This was the last bear of the trip that we saw. A beautiful little black bear! There was about 4 cars stopped on the side of the road and we were like, well there must be something there! Finally we spotted it! So I made my boyfriend get on the other side of the road so I could get a better picture, but there was a VERY LOUD motorcycle, which scared him off before I could get a good shot! I was soo mad!

Anyways, in the end I guess I was just happy to see a few bears on the trip! Have you ever seen a bear in person? I have been seeing bears all my life and I still get so excited when I see one! I could not imagine never seeing one before!

Until next time,


Banff Gondola Ride | Part 1

Banff Gondola Ride | Part 1

Hello friends,

Today I wanted to share my experience on the Banff gondola ride. Its just a short drive away from downtown Banff and such an amazing experience. The gondola can sit four comfortably, has a 360 degree view or all the amazingness around you, and it takes you up to 2,281 m (7,486 ft) above sea level! Even though you are inside the gondola going up, dress for the weather. Especially if you go in the winter like I did, because once you get to the top there is an amazing 2 km boardwalk that takes you to the peak of the mountain!

A camera is a definite must.

There is so much to do once you get to the top as well. I was blown away by the ride up, but you’ll be even more in aw once you arrive. The building you go in at the top has a gift shop, a restaurant (fancy and casual), a small movie area where you can watch a 5 minute informational movie about Banff, cool displays set up, and the best is on the top floor where you get an incredible view of everything. There is also a 2 km boardwalk that takes you up to the top of the mountain with an amazing view. You can see the town of Banff from here as well! The boardwalk is lovely, all wooden and taken care of. There are benches along the way and different points to stop and look out at.

Overall, if you go to Banff the gondola ride is a must. Any season you go it will be amazing. Here are some pictures of the actual building at the top. Soon to come will be pictures from all the different look off points!


This is the peak of the mountain you will get to if you do the 2 km boardwalk. I warn you, it gets windy and cold up there so dress warm! The building at the top there is actually pretty cool, you can look inside through the windows and its a little cabin set up.


You can see the little building again, but you can also see the boardwalk if you look closely.


Canadian pride right here ๐Ÿ™‚


This picture was taken from the boardwalk and that is the building you arrive at when you get off the gondola.


Closer view of the building. Here you can see the top floor balcony allowing for a 360 degree view of the mountains. They also have binoculars up there you can use.


Hope you enjoyed the first half of the pictures from my experience here and are looking forward to part 2!

Until next time,


Banff, AB Canada

Banff, AB Canada

Hello friends,

Today I thought I would share a part of a trip I went on this summer. My boyfriend and I went to Banff after we finished our third year of university as a little get away and time to refuel ourselves so we could work all summer…woohoo perks of trying to save up money for school. Anyways, this trip was amazing and was filled with many adventures and great memories. So, I would like to share a few pictures from the Banff portion of the trip today.

I truly love photography and nature. Going on trips and having my camera with me make me so unbelievably happy its ridiculous. Hope you guys enjoy these few pictures and my next post will contain someย pictures from the other half of the trip… but you will have to wait and see where that was! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Downtown Banff. We went and got ice cream at Cow’s (it’s a must try) and they had horses outside! So cute!
View from a hike we went on in the surrounding Banff areas.
Johnson Canyon hike.
One of the look off points for the hike to the Hoodoos.
Hoodoos! We made it!
The highest look off point on the hike to the Hoodoos.


Till next time, xoxo