Long Sault Parkway | May 2018

Long Sault Parkway | May 2018

Hello friends,

Do you ever just see a picture and go “wow, I would love to go there”? Well, that is exactly how we got here. One day I saw an absolutely stunning aerial photo of the Long Sault Parkway in Ontario and the caption had to do with camping there. So I looked it up, saw it was one hour away from us, tagged my boyfriend in the picture, and boom the next thing I know my boyfriend was like “babe we are going camping next weekend”

Of course I was down to go lay on some dirt for a night, like who wouldn’t be?! I love camping, however I considered this like resort camping. There was no peeing in the bush or attempting to find a flat spot to put your tent on, it was all very nicely groomed and laid out. Most people brought their entire house with them! We always look like the poverty campers with our two man tent hahah anyone else?


So what you see here is the map of the Long Sault Parkway. This is what I saw in the aerial picture, so stunning! I’ve never seen anything like this before, let alone one hour away from where I live! The campground we stayed at was the Woodlands Island Campground, and in my opinion it was the best one there. I would 100% stay on the same island next time.

The Long Sault Parkway is 11 islands that were formed from the high points left after the flood of the St. Lawrence River during the Seaway construction in the 1950’s. Click here if you want to learn more about the Long Sault Parkway! 


This was our little spot, and since we went early in the season we didn’t have neighbours! My man did really good at picking our spot when he reserved it because at most we could only have one neighbour and you could park your vehicle there to give yourself some privacy if need be. Each site came with a fire pit and a table, which both came in handy!


Literally ten steps from our tent was this beautiful beach all to ourselves basically. The water was a bit cold for swimming, however the temperature was perfect for laying on the beach and having a little picnic! I had watermelon all cut up and a little bag of chips to bribe my boyfriend to come sit with me haha when the snacks were done though he went back into the shade and set up the tent 🙂


Next we went on a drive (about 11 km I believe is the length of the island chain) across all the islands. This is why I have the opinion of our campground being the best – because it looked the best!

As you will see through these pictures, you drive with water on both sides of you when you aren’t on one of the islands – pretty cool. People were boating and playing around with water toys – looked like a blast!



There was actually a lot of little ducky families too! We saw one where the whole family was in a connected line!



These guys were down there having a time fishing – had a little rainbow umbrella and everything.

And dang, did they ever have the right idea. There is nothing I love more then catching fish, cleaning them a few hours later when you get back to camp, and cooking them up over the fire. Too good! I hope they caught something!


There was a whole bunch of sail boats out bopping around the water as well, and the lushest green forest ever.



When we finished exploring the islands, it was time to cook dinner! So I made a little fire and balanced our grill on a few rocks. My boyfriend got the most amazing steaks from the store and we cooked them perfectly! They were mouthwatering!

We brought a little wine too and had a really nice night. Finished up with s’mores at the end obviously! You cannot camp without s’mores!


Once dinner was over, the sun was setting. We headed back out to sit on the beach and just talk about life and the future. It was so relaxing to just be able to sit in the sand with a mug of wine and talk while the warm sun is setting. My favourite.


Overall, it was an amazing night. It felt like we actually went away on vacation and hadn’t worked in days! I would always suggest camping as a great escape from the city life, its a nice mental break.

Now when I say camping though, I don’t mean in a massive camper with your whole house packed into it haha I love actual camping. Especially when it is more rugged then this. This camping I would call “glamping” – glamorous camping. Still a nice getaway though!

Are you guys tenters or camper people and do you like camping? Let me know in the comments below!

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First look at Kelowna, BC

First look at Kelowna, BC

Hello friends,

Today my post will be about my first time ever visiting Kelowna British Columbia!

Let me tell you, I fell in love with it the second we got there. Since I was young, I have always heard about how beautiful it was and all that jazz, but I never got to see it so I didn’t truly understand the extent of its beauty.

My boyfriend described it perfectly when we got there, “It doesn’t even feel like we are in Canada anymore”. I have never seen so many lush tree covered rolling valleys in my life. One day I hope to explore the entire province of British Columbia from top to bottom!

These pictures are from our walk along the boardwalk by the waterfront. Sadly when we were there they just had a flood so we couldn’t use the beaches, but there is always next time! We plan to go more in the actual summer next time, not the end of may!







Also next time we are definitely hitting up a winery because we did not have time for that on this trip 😦

Have you ever been to Kelowna? If you have been there, what are the best wineries to try?!

Until next time,


Beautiful Lakes of Jasper

Beautiful Lakes of Jasper

Hello friends,

Today I bring you pictures from Jasper National Park in Canada! If you have not been to Canada, let alone their national parks, I really urge you to go explore them! Even if you are not an outdoorsy person, the sights to see are still beautiful and some of the main tourist attractions are easy to get to by vehicle!

The main national parks  in Alberta that people visit are Banff and Jasper. They are very well known for their beautiful rocky mountains and delicious chocolate stores. The busy one of the two is Banff by far. If you are looking for a touristy place to visit with lots of incredible scenery and cool stores then that is the palace for you!

However, if you are looking for good hikes and wildlife with fewer tourists around, then hit up Jasper. Banff has good wildlife and hikes too but there is a million tourists there during the summer months (peak tourist season).

In Jasper, there are two lakes very close to each other, Pyramid and Patricia Lake, where you can do an hour walk around them. Pretty flat walk on a paved trail so it is nice and easy! The scenery that you see is beautiful, and the lakes actually have beaches too if you want to bring your bathing suit to tan because the glacial water may be a bit chilly!

Hope you enjoy the photos, and let me know if you have been to either of these lakes in Jasper down below!











Until next time,


An Abandoned Island Cabin

An Abandoned Island Cabin

Hello friends,

Last summer, 2016, I found an abandoned cabin on one of the islands we boated out to in the Great Lakes, Lake Huron to be exact. I thought it was completely fascinating to be able to just show up on an island while taking a fishing break and find this cabin. It obviously looked run down and all, so we knew no one lived in it.

Walking up to it my heart began racing…I knew it was abandoned so I don’t know why I was scared to go inside. Maybe I was just really excited. Anyways, when we got inside there was old remnants of  bedding, tables, chairs, etc. The more we walked around inside the creepier it got. There was two rooms along with the main room that you entered. All I could think of when I was walking around inside were scary movies I had seen where there are abandoned cabins involved!

The pictures aren’t the best quality, but I thought that they have a cool story behind them so I should share them with you all!


I think the cabin was called Summit because they had that word spelled out in lights on the front.



I know the saw was used to cut down trees for firewood, but it still creeped me out!


Let me know if you have ever encountered any abandoned buildings and if you have dared to enter them 😉

Until next time,


A Sunset Fishing Trip

A Sunset Fishing Trip

Hello friends,

Today I come at you with past memories. As I am approaching my last two months of uni I have become so very unmotivated to do anything. So that brings me to these pictures. I am sitting here looking through them and I found these two photos of a sunset fishing trip my dad and I went on last summer.

Since I need to work for most of the summer, I have very little vacation time. When I was young we use to go to our camp in Ontario for two months every summer, now I only get two weeks if I am lucky. So, due to the shorter time frame and trying to visit all the relatives and what not, fishing always gets pushed to the back burner.

My dad knows how much I enjoy it though, so we thought we would take a trip down the river after dinner to see what we could catch. Sadly we caught nothing, but we did catch the sunset glowing across the river and it was beautiful.



The colours were so vibrant and the glow was amazing. The camera could not do it justice.

Always go fishing when ya get the chance… what you catch or don’t catch may surprise you. Comment below and let me know if you like fishing?

Until next time,