September Recap 2018

September Recap 2018

Hello friends,

September was a crazy month for me! It began in Massey, Ontario while I was on vacation visiting family. Probably one of the best ways for a month to start! haha Relaxing before the craziness that September was.

As you may or may not know, I went back to school this fall. I registered in a completely different program than I am use to taking. It was, and still is, a scary thing to do but I have survived so far! Science is what I am used too, I have a degree in Environmental Science and what I am taking now is a Design Studies Certificate, which is an Arts program! From my experience so far, I am not sure if it is so much that the art world is extremely different from science or if its College that is so different from University. I think I will have a future post on my views of College vs University. I feel like everyone should understand this difference and the benefits of each before choosing where to attend!

So with being back at school after a year off and still working a part time job with doing homework as well, you can say I am as busy as a bee! Its a lot of work but I am actually loving it. I have always loved the world of design and this design studies certificate is really opening my eyes to all the possibilities that are out there for possible future careers. A lot of people think wow why would you ever take this schooling when you already have a science degree? My answer: because you need a well rounded perspective in life to succeed. Having the knowledge in science, but also being able to understand the creative process is something I wish everyone had the chance to learn.

Anyways, enough with the rant. I also began trying new gym classes in September. I went to my first ever pilates class – me and a bunch of older people. To be honest I thought there would be more people my age there! haha Even the beginner pilates class was decently challenging. I also continued to do my hot yoga practices – something I need to put more time into it is just hard with a busy schedule to fit a gym class in at a certain time, but that is no excuse!

The last thing in September that made my month oh so busy was my best friends wedding! I was her maid of honour and man was it a busy time – I couldn’t even imagine how busy she was. Even though weddings take up a lot of time, are expensive, and stressful – I would not have changed anything. The bride was stunning on her special day and her husband was a mazing at the ceremony. I wish them all the best! Now they are in Vegas! Can you say jealous? haha

The beautiful bride and her amazing husband!
The bridesmaids -such a great group of gals!
My dad who was the behind the scenes photographer with his iphone! haha He did a pretty good job!
The beautiful bride seconds before she walked down the isle!
The beautiful bride and I after I bawled my eyes out after saying my maid of honour speech!

Not to worry folks – these are already posted all over social media haha I cannot wait to see the professional ones! We were outside in 0 degrees Celcius for hours taking pictures in these dresses and open toe shoes!

So Alberta has already gotten snow a few times however nothing has really stuck on the ground.ย  To be honest I am happy that we haven’t gotten any in Ontario yet! I am ready for fall, but not snow!

Ill update you guys again on how my October month goes if you’d like. I know school is getting busier – the projects are larger and more time consuming every week and now we have extra events to go to as well as a field trip to a museum in Montreal! I also have so many fall activities I want to do too! There is never enough time.

How was your September month? Did you have any big events that happened? Let me know in the comments below ๐Ÿ™‚

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Until next time,


Fall in Calgary | October, 2017

Fall in Calgary | October, 2017

Hello friends,

Today my post is about my exploration of Calgary’s fall! It is my first time living in Calgary during the fall so I obviously need to explore where to find the best pictures! Now let me take you through my Sunday …

It started out good, I slept in until around 8 (which is very nice considering I get up at 5:30 or 6:30 am throughout the week) and then I got straight to work! I baked and then cleaned and did laundry. Went to Costco and then I had to wait around at home for someone to stop by and pick something up. Then I went to Superstore for the rest of my groceries, got home, and cooked a few meals for the upcoming week. By the time I was finished with all that it was almost 5 o’clock!

However, once all of that was done I decided I needed to head out to get some fall pictures seeing as half the leaves are already gone!! (Edit: it also snowed today! So I am very happy I went haha) I decided to go to Nose Hill Park in Calgary, but what I didn’t realize was that it closed ten minutes after I got there! And that I had to go on a hike to get any good pictures, which I was not prepared for nor had the energy for. So long story short, my first stop was a fail!

The only half decent picture I got from Nose Hill Park

Then I decided to go to Crescent Heights because we were there at new years and I remembered it having a good view of the city and boy was I right! This entire street gives you a stunning view of Calgary as well as the river and trees that surround it. I was soo happy I chose to go there next! Here are some pictures from my hour or so there, I will have another post with more!










I know they kind of all look similar, but if you’re into photography you can appreciate the little differences!

I hope you enjoyed the fall colours of these pictures! I love catching the leaves changing. Do you like going exploring in the fall to see how the scenery around you changes? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,