Mont Tremblant | Day 2

Mont Tremblant | Day 2

Hello friends,

Todays post is about our second day in Mont Tremblant for the May long weekend! If you haven’t read part 1 click the link down below:

Mont Tremblant |Day 1

This Monday morning we actually slept in, which never happens especially when we are on a trip! It felt really good to just have a chill morning. When we finally rolled out of bed and looked acceptable to step out into the world, we looked up good brunch places to start the day off right. Now I was excited about actually eating brunch because usually we are up too early and too impatient so it ends up being breakfast.

My boyfriend actually found this place called Charlotte Cafe and it was incredible! We got to sit on the patio too because it was a beautiful morning. Their menu was only in french, but with the few years of french I took in elementary school we figured it out haha Both of our meals came with a little shot glass of fresh juice too! I think this one was watermelon and strawberry – it was a nice refreshing surprise!

Literally the best eggs benny you will ever have

Once our tumies were full we headed out for a hike. The sun was out to play on this beautiful day. We hit up a different info centre today, this was their “main” one we were told. We asked the lady about going canoeing however she said they weren’t doing it yet because the water was too high and fast. So we settled for another hike.

Actually I wouldn’t call this too much of a hike, more like a hard walk haha We did walk up and down some hills but nothing too extreme. It was just under a 2 hour walk which was perfect for us. It was hot and we also had to drive back home later this day.


At the very beginning of our walk we spotted this little guy. There are literally squirrels everywhere here I have noticed – he posed and hung out with us longer then they normally do!

Now this is what I call planking


When we came across this map of all the trails and the bridge we decided to turn around. We could have walked another hour and made it into the resort, but after doing some calculations we figured it would be smarter to get home a little bit earlier that night. So we turned around after admiring the water.



On this hot day, looking at the water all I could think about was jumping in for a swim!


After the walk we headed back to the resort to explore once more before the drive home. We ended up stopping to get ice cream, as obviously it was needed on such a hot day. The shop was called Oh la Vache! It was a tiny shop with a big line up. When we went inside I was looking for a menu and they didn’t have one. They also did not have a list with prices so I thought that was weird – however now I understand their reasoning. After we ordered our ice cream the total was $16!! Isn’t that crazy! For literally two cones. We were both shocked by this. (They also had a very tiny selection just an FYI)

The most expensive ice cream cone in the world

It was good, but just normal. I would not pay $8 for this ever again! After this we walked back up the hill and realized that duh of course we should have went to the rocky mountain chocolate factory for ice cream! Lesson learned.


I took some more pictures of the resort this day since it was a beautiful sunny day. This shot above is what I would call the “main stretch” of the resort. There are stores along both sides and at the top are restaurants.


I love how colourful this place is I must admit. They created a good vibe within this small town.


Here is where the gondola is to ride up the mountain. A bungee jump thing and rock climbing wall were also here for the kiddos to burn off some of the $16 sugar they just ate.

There was a nice open flat area at the top of the hill which had chairs set up to relax in. In the little wooden booth to the right of the picture they were playing music – not a live band or anything, but still very nice!


In conclusion, I had a good time on this trip. I didn’t want to get my hopes up too much because I knew it would be not Banff or Jasper, but Mont Tremblant was beautiful in its own way. It was definitely weird to go somewhere and have people speak to you in french right away until you give them the “i’m sorry I have no clue what you said” look.

If you are visiting Quebec, I would recommend checking out Mont Tremblant. There are lots of hiking and biking trails as well as kayaking and canoeing in the summer months. The food that we had was all very good, so no complaining in that department! The one thing I will say is that it is expensive. Everything is more expensive then I expected and the tax is high!

Have you ever been there or would you go if you were in the area? Leave me a comment below!

Until next time,



Mont Tremblant |Day 1

Mont Tremblant |Day 1

Hello friends,

I hope you all had an amazing May long weekend! My boyfriend and I ended up going to Mont Tremblant, Quebec Canada for two days. Since we live in Ottawa now, Mont Tremblant is only about 2 hours away, which isn’t bad at all!

Sunday morning we got up early, headed to McDonalds for a coffee and hit the road. It was quite overcast and I was worried it was going to rain, however it didn’t!

Less then an hour into the drive our gps was telling us to turn here and cross a river….but we didn’t see a bridge. We had to actually take a ferry across the river to the other side! haha and I kid you not, we literally had EXACTLY $10 in change! We apologized to the man working there about the dimes and nickels, but at least he got paid!ย  On the way home the next day, we rerouted the gps to cross a bridge instead so we didn’t have to pay again!

Once across the river we continued on our way. The first animal we spotted was a wild turkey! I literally had to do a double take because I was like what?!


We arrived in Mont Tremblant in the early afternoon so we had the whole day ahead of us. When we arrived in the town, we stopped at an information centre right away to get info on the area. I also realized how chilly the air was at this point! Luckily by the time we went on a hike later it warmed up a bit.

Leaving the info centre, we started the drive to the resort. Now Mont Tremblant is kind of spilt up differently. There was the “town” part where I assume most people live and everything, then the “village” which is an older stretch of buildings along the water, and then the “resort” which is a newer section where most of the tourist go. It is quite small, but there are hotels and lots of restaurants and shops there to explore. In the resort you have to park and walk around by foot!

On our drive to the resort we took a few random roads and ended up seeing some really nice houses and views of the ski hill and resort! There were also these little yellow scooters out and about, I think it may of been tours but I am not 100% sure!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

On the drive to the resort I spotted these two little deer off to the side of the road. They were gorgeous and stood so still I barley saw them! They were also very tiny and dainty looking compared to the deer I am use to seeing!



This one reminds me on Bambi ๐Ÿ™‚

Once we found parking, we started to walk up the hill of the resort. Our first order of business was to get some type of food because as always, we were starving. We ended up going to a small sandwich shop and it was delicious. I cannot remember the name of it, but it is at the top of the hill right beside the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory if you wanna check it out!

Now time to explore the little resort! They had this open gondola ride thing that was free. You can just get on to go from the bottom to the top of the resort hill. We ended up riding it back down and then walking up again, but this time taking a look around because our tummies were full! haha Jacob pointed out this maple shop to me, so obviously I had to go in. I am a true Canadian and I love anything maple! We ended up getting maple tea (which is surprisingly really good especially if you add a bit of milk!) and also these maple meringue blobs – not sure what to call them – but they were delicious too! They also had maple butter, which I really wanted, but it was quite expensive so I let it slide this time!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

When we worked our way back up to the top of the hill, we decided to head out for a hike since it was starting to get nicer out. On our way down the hill back to the car, we spotted a beaver tail shop….and yup you guessed it, we got one! OMG they are soo good. Every time we see a beaver tail stand we get one! haha if you have never tried one I highly suggest doing so. Our favourite is the skor cheesecake one.

A warm pastry hug with all of the toppings #JustCanadianThings

We ended up going to Domaine Saint-Bernardย ย for a hike. You pay $5 per adult as an entry fee to the park. We talked to the lady and asked for a lot of elevation because we wanted views – we are use to the views from the rockies! So we ended up doing the hike called R8. It had different view points throughout the hike which were beautiful. A few overlooked the forest and lakes, and the other side of the hill gave us a view of the resort! Pretty cool if you ask me. The trail was good with dry conditions, and most of the trees had their leaves out!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This was one of my favourite views

On the trail we also ran into a flock of these little birds – some of them were nice enough to pose for a photoshoot with me ๐Ÿ™‚





After the hike we hung out and then got cleaned up for dinner. We went to Le Shack and both got the chicken burger and fries with a side of sangria ๐Ÿ˜‰ It was very good and I would definitely recommend going there!

We ended the night going for a walk down by the water on the beach and then got another drink at the bar attached to our hotel. Stay tuned for day 2 of this mini vacation!

iphone picture but the sunset was beautiful!

Until next time,


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The Tiniest Town Youโ€™ve Ever Seen! | NWT

Tulip Festival | May 2018

The Tiniest Town You’ve Ever Seen! | NWT

The Tiniest Town You’ve Ever Seen! | NWT

Hello friends,

If you haven’t read the first parts of my winter road trip you can click the links below!

We drove on Ice?! |Part 1

The Journey to Fort Smith Continues | Part 2

Exploring the Northwest Territories | Part 3

I bet most of you have been to a very small town in your life. Whether it be just passing through it or staying for a little visit.

I use to think that the town where my grandparents have a summer camp in was small with the population being ~3,200.


I have found a new smallest town I have ever visited, Fort Fitzgerald, NWT Canada. Before you scroll down, guess in your head what the population is.


9! 9 people live there! Did you guess correct?!

I literally googled it for this post, but I thought that maybe 20 people lived there. Although even in my head I was like noo that would be too low.

As we arrived it was getting late as you can tell. There were very few houses at all, let alone with outside lights on. There were a couple of houses that looked like no one could, or should for that matter, live there. Looking at the census I don’t think anyone did!

Fort Fitzgerald is only houses. There are no stores or any other shops; luckily the “big city” Fort Smith isn’t too far down the road (25 km North)! If someone who resides here is looking for employment or schooling, other then hunting and trapping, they must go to Fort Smith.


Now for some information about this little town!

Fort Fitzgerald is positioned on the Alberta/Northwest Territories border along Slave River. Its original name was Smiths Landing until 1915 – renamed in the honour of the late Inspector Francis Joseph Fitzgerald of the North West Mounted Police. Fort Fitzgerald was located at the beginning of four sets of impassible rapids – in the picture above the “DANGER” sign is warning about these rapids. In its prime, Fort Fitzgerald was a very active portage route for goods to be transported to the North.


Once the extension of the railway extended service to Hay River, NWT on Great Slave Lake, there was no more need for the portage through Fort Fitzgerald. This obviously deteriorated the community leaving it now almost barren.


While in Fort Smith, we ended up at their community museum. We actually ended up getting a private/personal tour with an explanation for all of the pieces on display. The lady went into detail about the major portage activities in Fort Fitzgerald and the history surrounding that time period. It was very fascinating to hear her story; she was extremely knowledgeable. Better then any history class I have ever taken!

I know that most of you, if not all, will never go far North to visit those remote communities, but if you do drop by the museum in Fort Smith. Most likely the very friendly lady there will tell you the same story too ๐Ÿ™‚ There is a lost of history packed into those small communities, which you can’t learn about in school. You have to go out and experience it for yourself.


Upon completion of touring around big ol Fort Fitzgerald, we came back to Fort Smith. We saw these tipisย  in the day time, so I wanted to come back at night and see them all lit up! Love me some lights!

Overall, I loved this trip. The history we learned from the locals was fascinating and eye opening.

I still have a couple posts with more pictures from the drive back – one in particular I am so excited to share with you guys! So stay tuned!

Until next time,


Tulip Festival | May 2018

Tulip Festival | May 2018

Hello friends,

I will just let you know right off the bat that this post is going to be 99% beautiful flower pictures from this weekend! I know there is an overwhelming amount of pictures here, but I couldn’t cut it back anymore. They were so pretty and colourful!


This weekend we went to the Tulip Festival in Ottawa, ON Canada. It was on Sunday. We had a relaxing morning and then got ready and headed out. It took us probably around 20 minutes to find a parking spot and then we had to walk back to where the tulips were. There was soo many vehicles and people everywhere it was a little overwhelming! haha Definitely worth it though!


As soon as you got to this park all you saw was flowers. It was absolutely stunning. We were right by the water too which made the day even more beautiful. The weather was perfect and the sun was shining. It would have been a great thing to do with your mom if she lived in Ottawa! (#mothersday woo!)


This day has now gotten me obsessed with flowers in the spring time. I can’t stop looking at them! The colours are so vibrant.


Like I said, there was a lot of people there and everyone wanted pictures in front of the flowers! There was soo many little photoshoots going on. All I was focused on was the flowers though! haha And my loving boyfriend had the patience of an angel with me stopping every 2 feet to snap a picture of another flower that looks the same.


I wanted to play around with different angles and focusing depths. Trying to get professional looking flower pics!


Down below is a slide show of three pictures. If you look closely you can see that there is a little bug flying in the first one, it lands on the flower in the second one and then in the third one you can see his little shadow behind the petal! I didn’t even know I got this until I looked at the pictures when we got home. So, what I learned from this was that you can never take too many pictures of the same thing!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So once you walk through all the flowers, you’ll get to the “food court” of the festival. There was a lot of cool little food trucks and stands with basically anything you wanted.


And of course we made a pit stop for some fries and later on ice cream! It was 24 degrees out, us Canadians need our ice cream when its that hot! haha


They also had a small band playing live music!


At the other side of the festival we walked down by the boardwalk along the water. Such a beautiful day to be outside. There were people kayaking and canoeing all over the water.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Anyways, that is it folks! I told you it would be mostly pictures! Next post will be back to continuing the winter road story, I just had to share these beautiful flowers with you all! Have you ever been to a tulip festival? (This was my first!) What is your favourite type of flower? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,


Exploring the Northwest Territories | Part 3

Exploring the Northwest Territories | Part 3

Hello friends,

Click the links below if you haven’t read parts 1 and 2 yet!

We drove on Ice?! |Part 1

The Journey to Fort Smith Continues | Part 2

So, the adventure continues. Today was our only full day to explore the Northwest Territories and we definitely did just that. Once we all woke up, we headed downstairs to the same Chinese restaurant for breakfast. And no, we did not have Chinese food for breakfast I know all of you were thinking that, we had normal eggs and other breakfasty foods. It actually wasn’t too bad, except my mom tried multiple blueberry jams for her toast and they were all rock solid! Good thing I like raspberry jam on mine! haha

Passed through a four way stop on our way to the other side of town. I had to take a picture because I though it was really unique that they had all the local languages on it.


With full bellies and a charge camera battery we were off. First we drove around the town of Fort Smith, mind you its not very big so it didn’t eat up too much of the day! We came to the “far” side of town (literally 2 minute drive from the side we were on) and came up to this beautiful view.


Looking off into the distance you could see how the ice wasn’t completely solid, which kind of sketched me out thinking that we have to drive on ice to get home! haha


It was still snowing this morning however the sun was trying to peak through the clouds, which it eventually did later in the day.


The place we stopped at was also where the kids come to snowboard, which I thought was pretty cool! They made a little terrain park for themselves and had it all set up nicely. I guarantee those kids would come home dead and exhausted after being here for a few hours. Snowboarding down would be loads of fun, but if you haven’t noticed yet there is no chairlift or magic carpet to bring them back up to the top!


They set up a pretty big jump at the bottom of the main hill here, and if you picked up enough speed I think you would launch right into the bush!



While we were still in that area, we drove down the little road to the water. People do live on that island out there, and one would think hmm there are no roads to get there so how do they come into town? If you scroll down through these pictures you will see that there are little trees on the ice as markers of where the “safe” ice is to come across on. This also helps to mark their path when it is snowing heavily.


Below you can see the path more clearly that people use. Everyone in these little towns drives quads or skidoos and things like that. Which makes sense to get across ice easier and drive around the small town.


Once done exploring the town, we decided to drive down the highway looking for wildlife, hoping to spot something really cool….like wild wood bison (spoiler: the finding bison thing didn’t happen). I believe it was only like an hour and a bit into the drive and two massive wolves came flying out of the forest, bounded through the deep snow, crossed the road and disappeared into the bush on the other side. It was an awe struck moment and I didn’t get any pictures of them!! I was actually like a crushed kid on Christmas morning that didn’t get the toy they wanted. I stupidly tried shooting through the trucks front window with a million cracks in it (#Albertawindshield) and my camera freaked out, it was the first time in all my life getting an error message on the camera screen.

I kid you not, I have seen wolves before, but this was a whole new level of jaw dropping amazing. These wolves were probably around 160 pounds and their fur was absolutely stunning. They also bounded through the deep snow as smooth as a fish swims through water, just incredible. By this time the snowfall was clearing and their fur glistened in the sunlight. A moment I will never forget…but also wished I could have captured it.


So with all of us being awe struck by those two beautiful creatures we continued the drive in hopes of coming across more beautiful animals.

Every turnoff my dad saw he took it, even though on his truck map you could see that it was just a loop. Every time he would get so disappointed that it was just a loop and not a road leading to somewhere cool. Eventually I pointed it out to him that before he turns he could see how long the road is and we all had a good laugh about that. Even after I showed him he kept doing it and then laughing when the road would end saying “oh well I guess I could have looked at the map”.



At the end of our drive we came back into town to fill up the truck, since tomorrow morning we were heading out. And the back of the truck was covered once again in snow and sand from the drive. My mom and I went into this gas station while my dad was filling the truck up to explore. Inside they had a little Tim Hortons, which I though “of course how Canadian” and the rest looked like a pretty normal gas station just with extremely high snack prices. Now these snack prices didn’t deter my mom and I haha even though my dad wasn’t too pleased with us! Girls gotta have snacks okay!


We finished the night off with literally the best pizza I have had in my life. It was so good, I could have eaten it for breakfast lunch and dinner. The place was called Berro’s Pizzeria. 10/10 would recommend. I was skeptical thinking oh just another meh meal, but was I ever wrong. They had all the awards he was given up around the restaurant, which was cool to see and they also had local pictures up too. Once the pizza was done and our number was called, we dug right in. There was no time for pictures because we were starving and salivating over it. We ate breakfast that day and then just some road snacks, nothing too substantial, so you could say we were hungry!

After that very satisfying meal, we headed back out for another journey before calling it a night, which will be where I start my next post. Make sure to subscribe if you want to continue reliving my adventures.

What is the bestย  pizza you have ever had? I bet it wasn’t in the Northwest Territories! Leave me a comment below ๐Ÿ™‚

Until next time,


The Journey to Fort Smith Continues | Part 2

The Journey to Fort Smith Continues | Part 2

Hello friends,

Today I bring to you the continuation of my ice road adventures! If you haven’t seen part 1 you can click here!


Alright so we left off right after lunch on the first day. We crossed back over the frozen stretch of water to continue north to Fort Smith, NWT. Still a very snowy day, but we were on the lookout for wildlife!

In this field, my mom spotted a fox, or something, moving in the distance. It was snowing too heavy for a good long distance shot, but eventually me and my dad both saw it! haha My mom has such good eyes for wildlife.


This part of the drive was definitely more stressful then the first half and I wasn’t even driving! The road was much more narrow and the scariest part wasn’t that we were driving on ice, it was the fact that now we were driving on winding roads through forested areas. Now it was beautiful for sure, however there are large trucks that just barrel down these roads, so you had to be careful coming around corners.



These pictures make the road look wider then it was! haha if you look closely though you can see that the majority of the tire tracks are all in the same spots and with the trees being so tall, you cannot see a thing coming at you.


After driving for sometime, we crossed over another frozen body of water. At this point driving on water in a loaded down truck is getting less scary haha


We could kind of see blue skies starting but it was still snowing constantly, which was fine because in the winter I love when it snows, but it also made it harder to spot wildlife!


These are the signs on the other side of the frozen water. As you can see, there are strict bridge rules to follow! Even if there are no police out here to catch you! However, I assume most people respect these rules seeing as it would obviously only hurt you if you were to speed on this ice and god forbid break through or something….


Oh and apparently this is also a public parking area, you know if you wanted to just chill and hangout here in the middle of nowhere for a while ๐Ÿ™‚ We saw one car parked there and it seemed like it had been there for a while! lol Not a hot spot for hanging out I guess.


Anyways back into the bush we went! 172 km and we are in Fort Smith! woo lets go!

If you were driving normal speed we would have been there in no time haha funny story about this picture actually. I wanted to get the perfect shot (well as good as I could with what I was working with) and so I kicked a coffee cup out from behind the sign so there was no garbage in my picture. The fact that there was a random coffee cup laying on the ground out here really irks me though. Like who would think littering was a good idea instead of just keeping it in your car until there is a garbage can eh?


I don’t know if you can see it, but there is a winding road sign as well as the speed limit through here is 40 MAX! “Take er slow boys!”


By this time we are getting closer to our destination and our eyes were peeled looking for wood bison. We kept seeing all these tracks everywhere and then we saw this! A herd must have been all huddled up on this mound recently. Just seeing this was cool, but I wanted to actually see one!



When we got to this sign, my mom was like “take a picture because its the only one we will see” haha So I did thinking that she may be right.

And low and behold literally 2 seconds later we saw this on the side of the road. At first, we pulled over because there was a couple trucks pulled over on the shoulder and we thought maybe there was some bison in this valley area.

Well, I am sure there was, but not anymore! What you see in those two smaller pictures above are hunters and a bison….yup I am sure you can guess what happened here. Now it was a unique experience to see this but I still would of rather the bison been alive! They do use literally every part of it though, and one of these bad boys will feed a small village! It is extremely interesting to see different cultures, especially when its just a few hours north of where you live.


So shortly after seeing the hunters we reached our destination. Literally like the only hotel here haha The back of the truck was packed with snow from the road. My parents said that last year the entire back of the truck was covered with a good couple inches of solid snow. It stayed on there even after we opened the back up and closed it! haha

This night we had a lovely meal at the Chinese restaurant in our hotel. One of the few places to eat here. And they had vanilla ice cream with strawberry sauce which was to die for.. just an FYI if you ever eat there ๐Ÿ˜‰

I will be back soon to continue the story of this very cool trip so stay tuned!

Until next time,


We drove on Ice?! |Part 1

We drove on Ice?! |Part 1

Hello friends,

Todays post is going to be explaining the beginning of my adventures on the Winter Road. This is the road that we took to get from Fort McMurray, AB to Fort Chipewyan, AB and then further north to Fort Smith, NWT. It ends up being around a 9 hour drive one way. If you were to go at normal highway speed obviously it would be a lot quicker, but this road was not meant for racing haha



Since this is a winter road only, it does close down in the Spring of each year. Right now you would not be able to do this trip because the roads are mostly, if not all, melted. There is a list of things that you must have to drive on this road, just in case anything happens. Here is a couple for examples:

  • Good snow tires
  • Shovel and road flares
  • A good/complete tool kit and tow rope
  • Spare heavy duty winter clothing and footwear
  • Extra food and at least a 24 hour supply of fuel

If you want to see the whole list you can click here.


For the first little while you are actually driving on sand dunes. Last year when my parents went, there wasn’t much snow so they could actually see them. When we went this year, there was quite a bit of snow but you could still see the sand along the banks and on the road.


The picture up above shows the sand in the snow, but it is also the first body of water that we drove across! I was terrified haha I know it is just a little stretch and obviously other vehicles have gone across it, but it is still scary! I found the road more active then I was anticipating. We saw other vehicles often enough that if you broke down, someone would eventually come along. Unless it happened at night, they recommend you don’t drive on this road at night due to it being unsafe.

There is also lots of wildlife on this road – I wish we would have seen more haha and caught more of what we did see on camera! This area is home to many Wood Bison which you can see in herds throughout the day if you are lucky or if you are out wandering the road at night you may run into one! Literally. They sometimes sleep standing up in the middle of the road and if it is snowing their coat will get covered in snow and they will blend right in! And these aren’t little guys, they will do some serious damage to your vehicle! The only way you can really spot them at night is if you see their eyes reflect the light from your vehicle. We were not lucky enough to see any living Wood Bison in their natural habitat. Actually according to a few locals, we just missed the herd!

We saw lots of owls and ptarmigan on the trip though.


Our first stop on day one was Fort Chip for some lunch – just a little reminder, if you ever do decide to do this trip, bring lots of food because the farther North you go, the more expensive it gets!


To get into Fort Chip, you drive across a very long frozen body of water and as soon as you get to the other side, you are in the Canadian Shield and the forest is so different! I thought that was pretty cool haha anyways, on this stretch of ice road only one vehicle is allowed to go at a time and I believe the speed limit was 15 km/h. So very slow! My dad rolled down the windows because the last time they came they could hear the ice cracking under them! That terrified me and luckily I didn’t hear anything this trip!


Up above is all pictures of Fort Chip. Very snowy when we went and it is just a little place! Such a tiny community and when we were in one of the two restaurants in the town, everyone knew each other haha small communities are cool like that.

So once we ate lunch, and looked around a bit we headed back out to get to our final destination!


Side note: I thought this sign was pretty cool … more stories attached to this in later posts! ๐Ÿ˜‰


So off to the Fort Smith we went….ready for another slow (extremely bumpy) drive!

Have you ever driven on an Ice Road before? If so where was it and did you enjoy the experience?! Keep an eye out for future blog posts continuing the story of this trip!

Until next time,


The Next Chapter

The Next Chapter

Hello friends,

I’m back.

Sorry I left unannounced. Life got insane. Like holy crap.

But on the plus side of the last few insanely busy and hectic months I got lots of pictures! Which I will be sharing regularly again now that I am almost settled… well not really, but posts will be back!

So near the end of February this year, my boyfriend and I found out that he got a job in Ottawa, ON Canada. This job is much better then the one he had, so of course he took it. I didn’t mind moving. Obviously it is very stressful and costly, but its also really exciting and spontaneous of us. We are usually very routine people haha so looking at each other and being like… “ya babe lets do it…lets move across the country!” is absolutely uncharacteristic of us, both individually and as a couple, but here we are!

Now, once we officially knew that we were moving, shit got real – real quick. We literally sold 90% of our apartment belongings in a week, packed everything up, and headed out. My boyfriend came to Ottawa straight away to begin his new job. I went back up to Fort McMurray and painted my parents house and then went to Europe and surprised my sister! She is teaching in Bristol, UK right now. My parents and I all went over seas to London and toured around a bit, spending most of our time with my sister in Bristol. Man was she ever happy to see me… uh well I mean the parents too obviously… haha she knew my parents were coming but not me! We surprised her and she surprised us at the airport. It was a win for everyone!

So the trip was about a week and a half and there will many posts from all the pictures so don’t you worry! Once back from Europe it was back to work at the parents house. Finishing up things so I could jet out of there! (lol just kidding … love those old folks) But once you have been living on your own its hard to go back to living with your parents! Who can relate?!

Anyways, that next Monday we (mother and I) were off to Ontario! My mom with the truck packed to the roof and I with my old rusty Rav4 loaded to the ground, hit the crappy pavement running. Bright and early trying to grab a quick McDonalds coffee before we headed out, but as per usual it took way longer then expected.

We took 3 days to drive 37 hours across the country. Lots of driving, lots of coffee, lots of music and audio books, and lots of laughs and memories. I will always appreciate road trips, even if my butt is numb for most of the time. When we arrived in Massey, ON Canada it was around dinner time. My grandma had all the goodies cooked up for us.

Well hold on now, she didn’t know I was coming either! I surprised my grandparents with the news that I was moving to Ontario in person! They were very surprised to see me unannounced like that, but also very happy…I think! Lots of hugs were given and received and smiles went all around. With me living in Ottawa now, I am only 5.5 hours away from the grandparents instead of 37! Much better eh!

I stayed with them in Massey that first night, and then we headed to Sudbury, ON (1 hour drive). This is where I got to surprise my cousins, etc. We hungout that night and ate Chinese food. A grandparent classic!

The next day I went off to Ottawa in the afternoon (5.5 hour drive). Since then (almost a week now) I have been running around trying to get lots of important adult things done and in the back of my mind the entire time all I could think was, I need to update my blog peeps on whats been going on!

And there you have it. My last couple of months update. Hectic and impulsive but worth it so far! Now time to finish up all of the things I need to get done and find me a job haha moving provinces isn’t all fun and games!

I promise to upload a regular post in the very near future. Many many cool and exciting pictures and stories to come! How have your last few months been? Any big or exciting changes happen?! I would love to hear down below ๐Ÿ™‚

Total Drive time: 43.5 hours ๐Ÿ˜‰

A New Beginning Awaits

P.S The header picture is from our flight home from London, its the Arctic Ocean!

Until next time,


Vermilion Lakes Road | Banff, AB

Vermilion Lakes Road | Banff, AB

Hello friends,

I have been to Banff, Alberta Canada many times and have always seen this road called “Vermilion Lakes Rd” right before you pass the large BANFF sign entering into the town. I always thought, hmm whats down there but never went! So on a very cold day in December we decided to head down it.

It was my parents and myself in the truck slowly making our way down the road. At the beginning of this day my mom made me get in between them in the middle seat of the front of the truck… it was fun for about a whole 5 minutes until I started to cramp up! haha I am not a tall person, but I do have longer legs and bad joints so you could only imagine how sitting with your knees around your ears wold feel like!

By the time we got to this road I had transferred to the back of the truck, much more comfortable! Now this way I could shuffle around in the back seat popping out of any window I pleased. In this fancy truck of my dads the back windows rolled down too, which was very convenient for getting shots!


So most of the lake was frozen , but as we would drive along we found a few “natural hot springs” where the water was open. I thought these were so cool, even though I have learned all about them in school haha everything about nature still amazes me! In these springs too there were little duckies! So cute!


He looked so out of place though with all the snow around him! It was like his flock left him behind ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


Now, the road wasn’t too narrow, but also wasn’t very wide with the amount of snow on the “shoulders”. It was quite comfortable when you were the only vehicle on it, and got a wee bit tight once there was one coming the other direction, which really I think there was only one or two.

As we kept driving we came across this massive natural hot spring! I don’t know if the picture does it justice. We could literally see the steam coming off of it.




It froze all the shrubs that bordered the waters edge.



I love the look of crisp frozen vegetation. I guess this is one of the perks of living in a place where it can get so cold!



Now, these next pictures come with a story! haha so I don’t know if you know this, but as people age they become a bit … well entertaining to say the least. (love you parents hahah ๐Ÿ™‚ ) So my mom has always loved cattails. Every time when we drove across Canada in the summer when I was younger, heading back home to Ontario, I always remember her making my dad stop so she could grab a few cattails.


So what do you think she did when she saw all of those! “Howard go get me a cattail!”

And out he got! haha into the -25 degree weather to go get his “lovely bride” as he calls her, a cattail!


But it doesn’t stop at just getting her one. It needs to be absolutely perfect. So as you can see, he is inspecting them before he made a decision on which one to bring back! Because he knew that if it wasn’t good enough, he would be back out there.


He couldn’t decide on one, so he came back with multiple … smart man.


I nag my parents a lot, but they are he best people to go on a day drive with and find these cool places to take pictures of โค


And with that another post comes to an end. Have any of you ever seen natural hot springs in the winter? Or better yet been to any?! I love the natural hot springs ๐Ÿ™‚

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