Peggy’s Cove, NS | Part 2

Peggy’s Cove, NS | Part 2

Here is the second part of my Peggy’s Cove post. These were taken the next morning when the sky cleared up and it wasn’t typical Nova Scotia weather, which is rain and gloomy clouds.

It was difficult to get these pictures of the famous lighthouse without any one in them because when its nicer out, more people tend to lead their little caves. I am very happy I went here and toured around Nova Scotia in May instead of during the tourist season, which starts mid-june. I have heard from almost all tourist places that peggy’s Cove is literally jam packed with people during the summer. Therefore, my suggestion to you, is that if you want to visit, go during the fall, winter or spring… just not in the summer!





*Warning: Injury and death have rewarded careless sight seers here. The ocean and rocks are treacherous, savour the sea from a distance*

Legit take note of this. You may think those black rocks (as they call them) are not slippery, but they are. As well, a wave may not look large but when it hits you, you’ll reconsider that thought. Just be cautious and admire from a far…and away from ledges!


That large building is the gift shop as well as a restaurant. While you eat you have a beautiful view of all the surrounding water and rocks, definitely worth a visit.

Although if you do go in, my advice is do not buy their salt water taffy. For some reason it tastes funny….


Looking out into the distance. It was such a beautiful day… well until about mid afternoon when it started to rain again! Oh Nova Scotia weather, how I will not miss you.


This is a lobster fisherman throwing a cage out. When you look off into the water at Peggy’s Cove, there are many orangy-red buoys that you can see and they are all lobster traps. It is actually quite amazing and impressive to watch these boats drive around and pull the cages up and put them back down. Let me just say, they are very good at keeping track of what they have already checked!

If you did not know, lobster season is not in the summer as most would think. It is actually late fall to the spring. If you are interested in the lobster in Nova Scotia here is a link.


If you are interested, click here to find out more about Peggy’s Cove.

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An Abandoned Island Cabin

An Abandoned Island Cabin

Hello friends,

Last summer, 2016, I found an abandoned cabin on one of the islands we boated out to in the Great Lakes, Lake Huron to be exact. I thought it was completely fascinating to be able to just show up on an island while taking a fishing break and find this cabin. It obviously looked run down and all, so we knew no one lived in it.

Walking up to it my heart began racing…I knew it was abandoned so I don’t know why I was scared to go inside. Maybe I was just really excited. Anyways, when we got inside there was old remnants of  bedding, tables, chairs, etc. The more we walked around inside the creepier it got. There was two rooms along with the main room that you entered. All I could think of when I was walking around inside were scary movies I had seen where there are abandoned cabins involved!

The pictures aren’t the best quality, but I thought that they have a cool story behind them so I should share them with you all!


I think the cabin was called Summit because they had that word spelled out in lights on the front.



I know the saw was used to cut down trees for firewood, but it still creeped me out!


Let me know if you have ever encountered any abandoned buildings and if you have dared to enter them 😉

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A Sunset Fishing Trip

A Sunset Fishing Trip

Hello friends,

Today I come at you with past memories. As I am approaching my last two months of uni I have become so very unmotivated to do anything. So that brings me to these pictures. I am sitting here looking through them and I found these two photos of a sunset fishing trip my dad and I went on last summer.

Since I need to work for most of the summer, I have very little vacation time. When I was young we use to go to our camp in Ontario for two months every summer, now I only get two weeks if I am lucky. So, due to the shorter time frame and trying to visit all the relatives and what not, fishing always gets pushed to the back burner.

My dad knows how much I enjoy it though, so we thought we would take a trip down the river after dinner to see what we could catch. Sadly we caught nothing, but we did catch the sunset glowing across the river and it was beautiful.



The colours were so vibrant and the glow was amazing. The camera could not do it justice.

Always go fishing when ya get the chance… what you catch or don’t catch may surprise you. Comment below and let me know if you like fishing?

Until next time,