Peaceful Mornings in Small Towns

Peaceful Mornings in Small Towns

Hello friends,

Have you ever just woke up one morning and gone for a little wander? I have and that is what this post will be about today.

At the end of August I was visiting my grandparents, parents, etc. at camp. Now I call it camp, but I know most people refer to these places as cottages. I always felt like cottage was too fancy to describe our camp. Camp is a place where we hangout outside, go fishing, swimming, biking, etc. and just have a great time.

This one particular morning I woke up and it was still so foggy and misty out so I decided to grab my camera. I was up pretty early so it was still quiet – all the loud ones were still sleeping. I know my mom was up and in my grandmas camp though because I could see her sitting in her corner spot on the couch with a fresh cup of black coffee – in her words the only way to drink coffee is black or you ruin it. (My dad and I like a wee bit of cream in it though)


Of course the puppies need to follow me around anytime im doing anything. They are always so curious. This one here is Molly. She is ten and grows random lumps that shrink and increase in size whenever they please. We have gotten them checked out and its nothing to worry about the vet says so don’t be alarmed!

Another fact about Miss Molly here is that she brings her ball everywhere. She has multiple tennis balls and eventually we have to throw them out because she plays with and chews them so much they break. So here she is in her natural habitat watching dad come out of the boat house with her ball of course.


Eventually I wandered down to the dock. The clouds hung low this morning as I crept through the dewy grass in my moose pyjamas and bright teal gwacks (crocs for normal people – my dad has us all in a habit of calling them gwacks and to be honest it took me a few second to remember their actual name).


Next I try to get an artsy shot of our 20+ year old boat called Bike. He is the real deal. He has pulled more people behind him then you could ever count. Countless trips back and forth with someone strapped to the wakeboard or waterskis, or trying to hold on for their dear life on the tube whilst being peed on by whomever is on top.

Such a great majestic boat. Anyone, mostly the younger cousins, who come to camp and sees Bike in the water knows that a good time will be had. Cold or hot, rain or shine, Bike the boat will still take you for a ride.


Now this tree is beautiful. It is hanging right beside the dock. When I was young it did not look like this. The river water has increased for many years now and with that the bank has eroded and has become unstable. It needs to come down in pieces soon because once its in the river it will be much harder to get out!


The next spot I wandered to in my now grass covered gwacks was in front of my parents property. The water was like glass and if you only look at the reflection it would be hard to tell which way was up or down.


Now, as I was bent down petting the puppies I noticed some undisturbed blades of grass with water droplets still in tact. So, I decided to attempt for pictures. It was a bit difficult because when you get right low the dogs swarm you with love and puppy morning breath. I was battling the wagging tails away before they knocked the precious droplets to the ground.




Next I was just playing around with focus and ended up capturing a few pictures I liked. I enjoy how the yellow is so vibrant against the darker morning mist in the background.


Now by this time I have been wandering around for a while. As I venture back to the boathouse to put my camera away before heading to grandmas for coffee and breakfast, I can see the lost boy (aka my boyfriend) talking to my dad asking where I am. I just look at them and laugh.

The warm cup of coffee fills my cold body with caffeine and then the pancake making commences.

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An Abandoned Island Cabin

An Abandoned Island Cabin

Hello friends,

Last summer, 2016, I found an abandoned cabin on one of the islands we boated out to in the Great Lakes, Lake Huron to be exact. I thought it was completely fascinating to be able to just show up on an island while taking a fishing break and find this cabin. It obviously looked run down and all, so we knew no one lived in it.

Walking up to it my heart began racing…I knew it was abandoned so I don’t know why I was scared to go inside. Maybe I was just really excited. Anyways, when we got inside there was old remnants of  bedding, tables, chairs, etc. The more we walked around inside the creepier it got. There was two rooms along with the main room that you entered. All I could think of when I was walking around inside were scary movies I had seen where there are abandoned cabins involved!

The pictures aren’t the best quality, but I thought that they have a cool story behind them so I should share them with you all!


I think the cabin was called Summit because they had that word spelled out in lights on the front.



I know the saw was used to cut down trees for firewood, but it still creeped me out!


Let me know if you have ever encountered any abandoned buildings and if you have dared to enter them 😉

Until next time,


A Sunset Fishing Trip

A Sunset Fishing Trip

Hello friends,

Today I come at you with past memories. As I am approaching my last two months of uni I have become so very unmotivated to do anything. So that brings me to these pictures. I am sitting here looking through them and I found these two photos of a sunset fishing trip my dad and I went on last summer.

Since I need to work for most of the summer, I have very little vacation time. When I was young we use to go to our camp in Ontario for two months every summer, now I only get two weeks if I am lucky. So, due to the shorter time frame and trying to visit all the relatives and what not, fishing always gets pushed to the back burner.

My dad knows how much I enjoy it though, so we thought we would take a trip down the river after dinner to see what we could catch. Sadly we caught nothing, but we did catch the sunset glowing across the river and it was beautiful.



The colours were so vibrant and the glow was amazing. The camera could not do it justice.

Always go fishing when ya get the chance… what you catch or don’t catch may surprise you. Comment below and let me know if you like fishing?

Until next time,


Bridal Veil Falls | ON, Canada

Bridal Veil Falls | ON, Canada

Hello friends,

Todays post is going to be about the amazing Bridal Veil Falls in Ontario! They are absolutely stunning to see and you must go there if you are in the area!

Bridal Veil Falls is located on highway 540 at the entrance to Kagawong. There is a picnic area if there you want to bring lunch as well as nice hiking trails. You should also bring your bathing suit in case you want to take a dip in the falls! They are beautiful… just draping over the rock as they fall into the pool of water below. It literally looks like a brides veil… I guess that is where they get the name from!

I loved the trails. There was a short one and then a few longer ones that allow you to really look around the area. The trails were full of little waterfalls and streams running under the gravel path and wildlife everywhere.

When we got to the end of the trail you come out and there is a beautiful view of the town. You can see the entrance into the town and in the background is beautiful blue water for days. So gorgeous. I highly recommend taking a day trip there!








Little waterfall on the hiking trail! This is also where I found that frog from the picture in my last post!


I could not get over the tree roots at this park! They were incredible and sticking out of the ground everywhere.



Cute little picnic tables along the trails to grab a seat and enjoy the scenery… or some snacks 😉


What you see when you come out of the trail at the other end, absolutely stunning.


Thats all I have for you today!

Until next time,


Up Close and Personal

Up Close and Personal

Hello friends,

One thing that I love about photography is that it is a very broad field. You can take your camera anywhere and get good content…doesn’t matter if you’re in the city or out in the middle of nowhere.

One particular field I would love to improve on is close up shots of animals. The only thing is that it is very hard to get close to animals without spooking them off. Or you just have to lay there and wait for some to walk by.

These are two shots from a hike I did this past summer in Ontario at Bride Veil Falls  (I will have more pictures showing the actual area soon!). The first one I got was the frog. My mom actually spotted it and pointed it out to me so I could get a nice picture of it. The second one is of the squirrel. With this one, I was actually laying on my back on the other side of the trail trying to get a cool picture of the tree roots when a squirrel came and joined me! It was very cool and I got quite a few shots before it ran off.



This just shows that picture opportunities can come at any time so always have your camera!

Until next time,