Our First Fall Activity! | Apple Picking

Our First Fall Activity! | Apple Picking

Hello friends,

Todays post will be about my boyfriend and I’s first fall activity thatΒ he actually brought to my attention… I know eh, what boy brings up fall activities! In all fairness to him, it was a client at his work who told him about it so I won’t go too hard on him!

First Fall Activity of 2018: Apple Picking!


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The place we ended up going to was called Log Cabin Orchard. It was only about a 25 minute drive from our apartment at the South end of Ottawa, ON. As we were getting closer to the location, we noticed all these cars lined up along the side of the road. I thought wow this must be a pretty good spot to get some apples!

The first thing you do when you arrive is figure out which driveway to go into! Hint: its the one by the big sign. Then you wander down it and if you are anything like me you stop and take a million pictures of their cute little cabin! (star of my picture of the week last week – click here to see!) Once we made it down, we wandered into the cabin from the back door. That is where you pick out what size of bag you want to fill up with apples and pay for it before you go out picking! They also had a food/drink area outside the cabin where they were selling fresh apple cider and churros!

As you make your way into the orchard area, they also have a little petting zoo for the kids. Even though it was mostly for the kids we checked it out too … always a kid at heart!


The older man who owns this orchard tells you that you can walk in and follow the orange cones to the trees that are ready to be picked or you can take the tractor ride in! We chose to walk for a bit of exercise on our relaxing/lazier day, but that tractor ride sure looked like fun! Well at least all the kids looked like they were having a good time πŸ˜€


The orchard was absolutely beautiful. Everywhere you looked the trees were lush with all types of apples. It was a very hot and humid day, however when the clouds covered for a bit it was a nice break from the direct sunlight!


So, I have never been apple picking before but it sure was fun! This is the view you get when you arrive at the trees you’re allowed to pick from. Its amazing how straight the lines of trees are! The first apples we picked were Macintosh. We filled up half our bag with these ones. They were hanging low enough on the trees that you could still reach them – although the ones up higher were bigger!


Next, we scampered across to the other size where the Lobos were. Now the lower apples were picked over here so they had ladders set up so we could reach the higher ones! And yes, the ladders were the old school wooden ones – very cool.


It was a bit sketchy climbing up those ladders though because they weren’t the most stable! The apples were calling my name though so we went up anyways – sorry parents! haha we got our apples in one piece I promise!


Photo credits go to the boy – he took over the camera whilst I was picking!


We ended up with our bag full right to the top and had a lot of fun doing it! Now we had to walk back to the car with this heavy bag of apples in the +30C heat – safe to say I has a sweat stash going on and the boy was kind enough to point it out.


In conclusion, I would highly recommend going out and picking some apples this fall! It is a very fun activity to do with yourself, a friend or even the whole family! I know I will be going out picking apples every fall from now on!

Also, the best part about it is that you get to take home and eat these delicious apples! We still have a few left but I have been having one or two everyday!

Have you ever been apple picking before? If you haven’t, would you go try it now? Let me know in the comments below!

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Mer Bleue Bog Boardwalk | Ottawa, ON

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Mer Bleue Bog Boardwalk | Ottawa, ON

Mer Bleue Bog Boardwalk | Ottawa, ON

Hello friends,

Todays post will be about my time exploring the Mer Bleue Bog Boardwalk in Ottawa, Ontario!


The Mer Bleue Bog is one of the largest bogs in southern Ontario. This type of landscape is more commonly found in the Arctic than in the Ottawa Valley, but we will take it! It is absolutely beautiful.

The conservation area of Mer Bleue is 33.43 km square, with the most amazing feature being the bog. The vegetation on this bog is vastly different from anywhere else in Ottawa – it is quite noticeable once you arrive!


It was a beautiful sunny Sunday when we went to explore the bog. We actually came across Mer Bleue on a different day while we were eating ice cream and looking up places to walk around Ottawa. We always end up going for walks/hikes in Gatineau, Quebec so it was about time we found more places in Ottawa!


The bog boardwalk was a stunning place to see – such a different feeling than all of our other walks we have been on. The boardwalk is in excellent shape too; people were able to easily push strollers down it.

There were many families at the boardwalk embracing the last few beautiful weeks of summer weather before fall really begins to hit. We are in the stage now where it is sweater weather in the morning, but come the afternoon you’re a sweaty mess!


The boardwalk is 1.2km long and has many information boards along the way to keep you informed about the ecosystem you are exploring. The posters were actually very educational!

In the Mer Bleue area, there are many other walks you can adventure out on as well. We actually went on another walk after this one since this boardwalk took less then an hour.


I love how when they made the boardwalk they made sure to disrupt the environment as little as possible.


The amount of cattails in this bog was surreal. It looked as if they went on for miles and miles and never ended. They were definitely taller than me in some areas too!

Our day started out with clear blue skies, but by the time we were done the walk they had clouded over. The type of cloud that still leaves it bright outside but no blue to be seen.


Playing with the cattails


And oh my you guys, I am sorry for all the frogs in my recent posts but they are just everywhere! Everywhere I looked when we were doing the boardwalk I spotted frogs then my boyfriend started spotting them too. No shortage of frogs in Ontario let me tell you that!

young frog

Here I actually caught a young frog growing in his life cycle and not fully matured yet. When I took this picture at the bog I did not realize that he was still in the growing stages. It was not until I was at home looking through my pictures I realized that he still had the little tail – too cute πŸ™‚


The last little part of the boardwalk is in the forest near the bog and we came across this old dead tree. The tree was quite large as well. Looking up admiring the size of it we notice the fungus growing around the top of it. Pretty cool too see when the light shines through it.

In conclusion, I would highly recommend checking out this bog if you are in the Ottawa area! It was beautiful – like a little escape/vacation from Ottawa without actually leaving. Great for any age range too; I saw little babies there to an old couple just going for a stroll.

Have you ever been to a bog before? Let me know down in the comments below!

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Picture of the Week! #1

Picture of the Week! #1

Hello friends,

Today will be the first, of many, pictures of the week! It is a new idea I wanted to test out and see how it does. I will be posting a new picture every Friday in which I took the previous week. It will probably be my favourite picture from that week, or one that I think maybe tells a story or something!

I would like you all to comment on it what you think I was thinking about when I was in action capturing the picture! These thoughts can be serious or something comical – I love comical thoughts (most of mine are haha) Also, if you can share pictures in the comments feel free to do so of your picture of the week! Or even share a link to your personal blog where we can see your picture of the week!

So here it is, my first picture of the week – enjoy!

Location: Mer Bleue Bog Boardwalk Ottawa Taken: September 2018 Camera Body: Nikon D7000 Lens: Tamaron 18-400mm

P.S. It is way harder than you think picking just one!

Let me know if you like this idea πŸ™‚

Until next time,


Pink Lake Hike | Gatineau 2018

Pink Lake Hike | Gatineau 2018

Hello friends,

Today’s post will be about my experience doing the walk around Pink Lake in Gatineau, Quebec Canada. Currently I live in Ottawa, so it takes absolutely no time at all for me to drive to Quebec, which is good because Gatineau is full of fun walks and hikes to do! If you have been reading my blog for a while, you will know that I love going on hikes! I love the feeling of being surrounded by natures beauty and exploring it.

For me, it took about 45 minutes to get there. Once we arrived, there were two places to park. We stopped at the first parking lot we saw, the look off, before even knowing there was another larger parking lot a minute further down the road! The lake was very busy on the Sunday that we went. Probably due to the beautiful day and summer coming to an end – everyone needed to get out and enjoy the last bit of warm weather! My boyfriend and I scoped out the look off and then headed out for the walk!

You can click here to learn more about Pink Lake!Β 


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The trails were well maintained and you could tell they tried to leave the environment as natural as possible. They even had signs along the trail to remind people to stay on the path instead of trampling through everywhere. Now as you look through the pictures you’ll see that this lake is in fact not pink at all! Its actually more of a green colour.

Pink Lake is a meromictic lake – the upper and lower layers of the lake do not mix. In most lakes, these layers mix every spring and fall with the change in water and air temperature, water density and wind. The mixing ensures nutrients and oxygen are distributed evenly throughout the lake!

The shape of Pink Lake and the valley it sits in allows it to be blocked from the wind and therefore no oxygen reaches the bottom of the lake. The green tint of the lake is due to microscopic algae, which even though a green lake looks cool, is harmful. This vegetation gradually overtakes the lake causing it to suffocate.


With the massive amount of visitors this lake gets, the eutrophication process has sped up. This is why new boardwalk trails have been built in attempt to preserve this natural ecosystem for many more generations to enjoy. Many volunteers helped with this project as well as planted over 10,000 trees. Erosion is an impact that occurs at busy tourist sites, which is what the parks people are trying to mitigate.

So please, stay on the trails and respect the nature you’re in! πŸ™‚


Little guys like this need their ecosystems functioning properly to survive.




The walk is definitely beginner friendly and roughly took us an hour with me stopping every two steps to take more pictures. If you look along the trail right besides the lake you can spot a million frogs and we also saw turtles!


Not a huge fan of these guys up close, but with my zoom lens I don’t mind admiring from a distance!


The weather for our walk was a mix of sun and clouds. I would usually be standing around waiting for the sun to try different styles of pictures, however this standing around time allowed me to get some artsy shots and play with my focus.


Reflection pictures would have to be one of my favourite kinds! This definitely is not a perfect reflection picture, but to be honest I didn’t even realize there was a reflection until I looked at the pictures once I got back home!


By the end of the walk we were so sweaty from the humidity I was just snapping random pictures and not really paying attention, but sometimes those are the best pictures!

In conclusion, I recommend going on the Pink Lake walk if you are in the area and want something to do! Great if you have kids too so they can see all the frogs!

What is the coolest colour of lake that you guys have been to?

Until next time,


Mont Tremblant | Day 2

Mont Tremblant | Day 2

Hello friends,

Todays post is about our second day in Mont Tremblant for the May long weekend! If you haven’t read part 1 click the link down below:

Mont Tremblant |Day 1

This Monday morning we actually slept in, which never happens especially when we are on a trip! It felt really good to just have a chill morning. When we finally rolled out of bed and looked acceptable to step out into the world, we looked up good brunch places to start the day off right. Now I was excited about actually eating brunch because usually we are up too early and too impatient so it ends up being breakfast.

My boyfriend actually found this place called Charlotte Cafe and it was incredible! We got to sit on the patio too because it was a beautiful morning. Their menu was only in french, but with the few years of french I took in elementary school we figured it out haha Both of our meals came with a little shot glass of fresh juice too! I think this one was watermelon and strawberry – it was a nice refreshing surprise!

Literally the best eggs benny you will ever have

Once our tumies were full we headed out for a hike. The sun was out to play on this beautiful day. We hit up a different info centre today, this was their “main” one we were told. We asked the lady about going canoeing however she said they weren’t doing it yet because the water was too high and fast. So we settled for another hike.

Actually I wouldn’t call this too much of a hike, more like a hard walk haha We did walk up and down some hills but nothing too extreme. It was just under a 2 hour walk which was perfect for us. It was hot and we also had to drive back home later this day.


At the very beginning of our walk we spotted this little guy. There are literally squirrels everywhere here I have noticed – he posed and hung out with us longer then they normally do!

Now this is what I call planking


When we came across this map of all the trails and the bridge we decided to turn around. We could have walked another hour and made it into the resort, but after doing some calculations we figured it would be smarter to get home a little bit earlier that night. So we turned around after admiring the water.



On this hot day, looking at the water all I could think about was jumping in for a swim!


After the walk we headed back to the resort to explore once more before the drive home. We ended up stopping to get ice cream, as obviously it was needed on such a hot day. The shop was called Oh la Vache! It was a tiny shop with a big line up. When we went inside I was looking for a menu and they didn’t have one. They also did not have a list with prices so I thought that was weird – however now I understand their reasoning. After we ordered our ice cream the total was $16!! Isn’t that crazy! For literally two cones. We were both shocked by this. (They also had a very tiny selection just an FYI)

The most expensive ice cream cone in the world

It was good, but just normal. I would not pay $8 for this ever again! After this we walked back up the hill and realized that duh of course we should have went to the rocky mountain chocolate factory for ice cream! Lesson learned.


I took some more pictures of the resort this day since it was a beautiful sunny day. This shot above is what I would call the “main stretch” of the resort. There are stores along both sides and at the top are restaurants.


I love how colourful this place is I must admit. They created a good vibe within this small town.


Here is where the gondola is to ride up the mountain. A bungee jump thing and rock climbing wall were also here for the kiddos to burn off some of the $16 sugar they just ate.

There was a nice open flat area at the top of the hill which had chairs set up to relax in. In the little wooden booth to the right of the picture they were playing music – not a live band or anything, but still very nice!


In conclusion, I had a good time on this trip. I didn’t want to get my hopes up too much because I knew it would be not Banff or Jasper, but Mont Tremblant was beautiful in its own way. It was definitely weird to go somewhere and have people speak to you in french right away until you give them the “i’m sorry I have no clue what you said” look.

If you are visiting Quebec, I would recommend checking out Mont Tremblant. There are lots of hiking and biking trails as well as kayaking and canoeing in the summer months. The food that we had was all very good, so no complaining in that department! The one thing I will say is that it is expensive. Everything is more expensive then I expected and the tax is high!

Have you ever been there or would you go if you were in the area? Leave me a comment below!

Until next time,



Mont Tremblant |Day 1

Mont Tremblant |Day 1

Hello friends,

I hope you all had an amazing May long weekend! My boyfriend and I ended up going to Mont Tremblant, Quebec Canada for two days. Since we live in Ottawa now, Mont Tremblant is only about 2 hours away, which isn’t bad at all!

Sunday morning we got up early, headed to McDonalds for a coffee and hit the road. It was quite overcast and I was worried it was going to rain, however it didn’t!

Less then an hour into the drive our gps was telling us to turn here and cross a river….but we didn’t see a bridge. We had to actually take a ferry across the river to the other side! haha and I kid you not, we literally had EXACTLY $10 in change! We apologized to the man working there about the dimes and nickels, but at least he got paid!Β  On the way home the next day, we rerouted the gps to cross a bridge instead so we didn’t have to pay again!

Once across the river we continued on our way. The first animal we spotted was a wild turkey! I literally had to do a double take because I was like what?!


We arrived in Mont Tremblant in the early afternoon so we had the whole day ahead of us. When we arrived in the town, we stopped at an information centre right away to get info on the area. I also realized how chilly the air was at this point! Luckily by the time we went on a hike later it warmed up a bit.

Leaving the info centre, we started the drive to the resort. Now Mont Tremblant is kind of spilt up differently. There was the “town” part where I assume most people live and everything, then the “village” which is an older stretch of buildings along the water, and then the “resort” which is a newer section where most of the tourist go. It is quite small, but there are hotels and lots of restaurants and shops there to explore. In the resort you have to park and walk around by foot!

On our drive to the resort we took a few random roads and ended up seeing some really nice houses and views of the ski hill and resort! There were also these little yellow scooters out and about, I think it may of been tours but I am not 100% sure!

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On the drive to the resort I spotted these two little deer off to the side of the road. They were gorgeous and stood so still I barley saw them! They were also very tiny and dainty looking compared to the deer I am use to seeing!



This one reminds me on Bambi πŸ™‚

Once we found parking, we started to walk up the hill of the resort. Our first order of business was to get some type of food because as always, we were starving. We ended up going to a small sandwich shop and it was delicious. I cannot remember the name of it, but it is at the top of the hill right beside the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory if you wanna check it out!

Now time to explore the little resort! They had this open gondola ride thing that was free. You can just get on to go from the bottom to the top of the resort hill. We ended up riding it back down and then walking up again, but this time taking a look around because our tummies were full! haha Jacob pointed out this maple shop to me, so obviously I had to go in. I am a true Canadian and I love anything maple! We ended up getting maple tea (which is surprisingly really good especially if you add a bit of milk!) and also these maple meringue blobs – not sure what to call them – but they were delicious too! They also had maple butter, which I really wanted, but it was quite expensive so I let it slide this time!

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When we worked our way back up to the top of the hill, we decided to head out for a hike since it was starting to get nicer out. On our way down the hill back to the car, we spotted a beaver tail shop….and yup you guessed it, we got one! OMG they are soo good. Every time we see a beaver tail stand we get one! haha if you have never tried one I highly suggest doing so. Our favourite is the skor cheesecake one.

A warm pastry hug with all of the toppings #JustCanadianThings

We ended up going to Domaine Saint-BernardΒ Β for a hike. You pay $5 per adult as an entry fee to the park. We talked to the lady and asked for a lot of elevation because we wanted views – we are use to the views from the rockies! So we ended up doing the hike called R8. It had different view points throughout the hike which were beautiful. A few overlooked the forest and lakes, and the other side of the hill gave us a view of the resort! Pretty cool if you ask me. The trail was good with dry conditions, and most of the trees had their leaves out!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This was one of my favourite views

On the trail we also ran into a flock of these little birds – some of them were nice enough to pose for a photoshoot with me πŸ™‚





After the hike we hung out and then got cleaned up for dinner. We went to Le Shack and both got the chicken burger and fries with a side of sangria πŸ˜‰ It was very good and I would definitely recommend going there!

We ended the night going for a walk down by the water on the beach and then got another drink at the bar attached to our hotel. Stay tuned for day 2 of this mini vacation!

iphone picture but the sunset was beautiful!

Until next time,


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Christmas Blessings | 2017

Christmas Blessings | 2017

Hello friends,

Todays post will be about all the many things I feel blessed for. Christmas is absolutely my favourite time of the year, even though it is snowy and cold outside! I got the post idea from Susie Lindau’s Wild Ride, click here for her post!

I thought to myself as I was reading her post, wow this is such a great idea to write about around Christmas time. I feel like so many people say what they are thankful for around thanksgiving, but during Christmas everyone is so busy it is easy to forget what it is really about. Now I love Christmas lights and decorations so I can get distracted by those around this time of the year, but it really is not about any of that. And believe it or not, Christmas is not about gifts either. However, I understand that giving gifts is a way of showing love towards another person, but we cannot get caught up in them!

Christmas is truly about being around your family and celebrating life and love and the joy that this season brings. So without any more delay, here are some of the things I feel very blessed to have in my life:

I feel very blessed to have my amazing family, boyfriend & friends in my life …

My lovely older sister πŸ™‚

My man πŸ˜‰

My friends πŸ™‚

My parents of course!Β 

And you can’t forget about the fur babies too!

I feel very blessed to be in such good health


And for the roof over my head at night and food in my belly.

I feel very blessed to be surrounded by the beauty of the rockies just an hour away


And all of the wildlife I have been able to see my entire life.

DSC_4073DSC_3543 (1)DSC_3436

I feel so blessed that I have been able to travel even though I am so young and just starting out.


I hope you enjoyed this little post and let me know in the comments below what you feel blessed for this Christmas year. Also, some of these pictures may not be the best quality, but that is not what this post is really about πŸ™‚

Until next time,


Bourgeau Lake/Harvey Pass | Banff, AB Canada Pt. 2

Bourgeau Lake/Harvey Pass | Banff, AB Canada Pt. 2

Hello friends,

Todays post is a continuation of part one! If you haven’t read it yet, click here! πŸ™‚

So we are now done our beautiful lunch, which was fruit, muffins, and peanut butter & honey sandwiches (so good!), and we are starting up to Harvey Pass! At this point I was exhausted, but I wanted to do it because of the views and pictures I could get haha

From Bourgeau Lake, it is about a 2.2 km slightly harder hike to Harvey Pass. This path leads to magnificent views.


Already the mountains are so beautiful. I have literally never been this high on a mountain before. We were so close to the top!


DSC_4092 (1)

So you see that greyish rocky “path” … yeah that is what we hiked up. Let me tell you there was no path, we literally scrambled up rocks! Very loose rocks to say the least. I am so happy we had hiking poles because they helped soo much! Especially on the way down. You think they would help more on the way up, however it was very easy to slide on the way down and if you put your poles in front of you it helps a lot!




There is Bourgeau Lake where we ate lunch at! I actually could not believe how much farther up we hiked after the huge hike we did just to get to the lake!


Oh my gosh, this was the coolest part of the entire day I would have to say! Can you spot what is on top of the mountain?! It’s big horn sheep! There was quite a few of them up there, we could not believe that we actually saw them!



And this is the farthest we got on Harvey’s Pass. You can continue around the lake and up further, but we were exhausted and had a long hike back. We also wanted to get back to the car before dark and our hour drive home!



It was also so unbelievably windy at this point in the hike! I could not imagine going up higher on this mountain. We would have gotten blown off! It was so windy that it was hard to hear each other talk.




Literally soooo close to the top of the mountain! πŸ™‚


My man trying to see the sheep. We could see them better in my camera then in his binoculars!


Still could not put my camera down even on the way back! I was in awe this entire hike….besides the fact that my legs were actually dying.


I looove glacial water. So beautiful.

This was a picture we took at the highest point we hiked, you can see how windy it was because of my hair and he is wearing his hat strap! haha Well I hope you enjoyed our hike! I would definitely recommend doing it even though it was a challenge, because I have been to the rockies a million times, but I have never seen sights like these before πŸ™‚

Hope you guys enjoy living vicariously through my pictures! Would you continue to Harvey Pass or just stop at Bourgeau Lake?

Until next time,


Bourgeau Lake/Harvey Pass | Banff, AB Canada Pt. 1

Bourgeau Lake/Harvey Pass | Banff, AB Canada Pt. 1

Hello friends,

Todays post will be about the Bourgeau Lake/Harvey Pass hike in Banff, Alberta Canada! We did this back in the summer when it was beautiful out with no snow! Although, right now in Calgary there is not any snow because we have had quite a few warm days. This makes me sad because I love snow at this time of the year! Trying to get all festive and everything! But anyways, lets get back on topic!



Beautiful waterfalls on the hike to the lake!




This hike is 7.2 km one way and a 6 hour round trip. Its a steady uphill hike that leads to Bourgeau Lake, which is absolutely stunning by the way! You hike through very lush forests and beautiful flower filled fields with gorgeous views surrounding you the entire time. Bourgeau Lake is the closest subalpine lake to the town of Banff.









The glacially carved amphitheater provides a breath taking view of the lake. There are boulders right by the lake too which is where we ate lunch! For quite a hard hike there was lots of people there when we went!








Some people stop at Bourgeau Lake, but we decided to continue up to Harvey Pass. The hike to Harvey Pass will be in my next post so make sure to subscribe to hear about it next!


We also made a little friend at lunch time! I actually could not believe that we saw these guys on literally every hike we did this summer!


Have you ever been to Banff?

Until next time,