Lineham Falls Hike & A Surprise | Waterton, AB

Lineham Falls Hike & A Surprise | Waterton, AB

Hello friends,

Todays post will be about the Lineham Falls hike we did in Waterton this summer! Let me just tell you the back story first. We left really early in the morning, since its a 2.5 hour drive to get there, with the intention of doing the Lower Rowe Lake hike which then leads into Upper Rowe Lake. This was a very recommended hike with beautiful and different scenery all throughout it. It was a longer hike for us, about a half day or so, but we were so ready.

So we finally found the trail head, parked, got all ready, and then headed out. Little did we know we were going to run into an obstacle right away…

We were probably 5 minutes into the hike when we ran into these 2 guys sitting by the water. They told us there was a grizzly bear on the trail about a kilometer ahead and that many people were turning around. So we politely said thank you and kept walking a little bit. Not even 3 minutes later we ran into two groups of people coming down and they were all warning us about the grizzly bear. One group even said it followed them down a little bit. So at that point we knew we had to turn around. We were so sad! We were so excited about this hike!



Anyways, so we had to find another hike because we drove all this way to do something not just drive back home! We ended up picking Lineham Falls. I was very flustered at this point because my boyfriend has dragged me out every Sunday the entire summer for hikes and I work 6 days a week so I was always exhausted and never rested. Then he says, “ok babe lets do the hike with the most elevation” …. and I was like nooooooo! So we settled on Lineham Falls. It was not the highest elevation hike but let me tell you something, you go up a pretty steady incline for the first half of the hike! Then it is more mild in elevation and there are more flat areas on the trail.

However, I will tell you one thing about this hike. The trail is very skinny during the intense elevation areas which do not make it any easier! It was also quite difficult to use our hiking poles because the path was so overgrown and skinny they would get all tangled in the vegetation!


But the final result of the hike was totally worth it, because look at that beautiful waterfall! The Lineham Falls are 410 feet tall!






I must say, the scenery along the hike is beautiful . When you look up the hike it says its a moderate difficulty…. maybe this would have been true if the path wasn’t so overgrown? We thought it was definitely harder then moderate! But to each their own.

Definitely the second half of the hike is way better though!



I could not stop staring back at the falls. They were so beautiful up close, but when you initially saw them from far away they were breath taking.


Where the trail ends there is a sign. We saw quite a few people ignore the sign and walk where there was not a path to get closer to the falls. I personally do not like when people do this. There are paths for a reason; these are National Parks we are in. They should be respected and not worn out. But that is just my personal opinion.


And the next picture is the surprise! We saw a little grizzly, probably about 1 or 2 years old, such a little cutie. All the cars were slowing down to see him πŸ™‚



DSC_3803 (1)

He looked so happy to be frolicking in the wild flowers along the side of the road. Have you guys ever been this close to a baby grizzly?!

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Bison Paddock Loop Road | Waterton, AB

Bison Paddock Loop Road | Waterton, AB

Hello friends,

Todays post will be about a fun adventure we had on the way to Waterton! When we left this morning we had no idea that Bison Paddock Loop Road existed, but we saw a sign and thought meh why not…and I am glad we took the extra half hour and did it!

If you haven’t read the first part of this story click here to get caught up before you continue reading this post! πŸ™‚


Bison….we saw bison! Now for many people, this would probably be their first time ever seeing a large bison in person, however for me it wasn’t. This was still a very exciting experience though!


So this bison loop was probably a 20 minute drive or so because you need to go slow. We also stopped a few times when we saw them!

So when you get there you literally just drive right in and the bison are just hanging out inside these gates! At first we did not see any for quite some time and we were pretty frustrated I would say. Taking time from actually being in Waterton to do the drive and not see any bison…little did we know that around the next corner we would see this guy!



Now there was a sign that said “DO NOT GET OUT OF YOUR VEHICLE”…. do you think I listened? No .. I did not because I learnt from my mom that breaking rules is fun! Just kidding … but at the same time not really.

My boyfriend was not too impressed when I made him stop and I got out of the car so I could take better pictures, but I didn’t care! They were no where near me…but I am not saying break the rules if you go. I just had to for better pictures!


This lonely guy was beautiful.


When we were approaching the end I saw a whole bunch of them, but my boyfriend wouldn’t let me out of the car… so I knelt on the seat and stuck my body out of the window ahaha



I also obviously had to capture this cutie because look at his fur! He is all spotted and stripy!


Just too cute πŸ™‚



Let me know if you would take an extra half hour and do this little drive if you were going to Waterton! Or have you already done it and seen any bison while you were there? I would definitely say it is worth the little bit of extra time driving because you might just see something cool!

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The Last Look Off | Banff, AB

The Last Look Off | Banff, AB

Hello friends,

Today I bring you pictures from the last look off we stopped at on our trip! This one was just outside of Banff. We passed it a few times prior to stopping here on this trip and it was well worth it to stop. The views were breath taking. It made me rethink wanting the trip to end so I could go home! haha


Let me tell you, the skies on this last day were absolutely beautiful. Those clouds constantly changing with the mountain/forest backdrop was, and still is, stunning. Oh my Mother Nature, how do you do it?


Do you see how steep that side is?! And yet there are still trees growing on it!


I probably stood at this look off for a good 10-15 minutes or so just soaking it all in. The trip was amazing that we went on. I was absolutely exhausted, yet so happy and content with life at the moment. And then I was also excited to get to our new apartment that we had for almost a month already, but never got to live in it together! Between us getting there at different times and having to fly back to Nova Scotia for out graduation, it was insane trying to get settled in! Happy to say that we are definitely settled in there now haha and ready to move into a different apartment in 6 months to try somewhere new!



Well folks, that is all I have for you today. Let me know in the comments below if you like posts with this amount of pictures or the ones where I throw a lot in there. I never know! Your comments are always appreciated, and likes and shares are too!

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The Outskirts of Banff, AB | Canada

The Outskirts of Banff, AB | Canada

Hello friends,

Todays post will be from our drive out of Kootenay National Park and into Banff! This is where our big trip ended… sadly. At this point it was safe to say that we had an amazing trip. We did so many activities and hikes, and tried out a million new restaurants (some good and others not so much …). However, there comes a time on every vacation where you just want to go home. That time was now for us.

We were absolutely exhausted!



This day it was actually quite cloudy out. But it kind of made the mountains mysterious in a way so I kept getting my boyfriend to pull the car over whenever I saw a good photo opportunity!



Throughout the drive, as we approached Banff, the skies started to clear up and then we saw these beautiful more square then normal mountains! The most common drawing of a mountain is one with a peak at the top because that is what you mostly see. But these ones were something else! So beautiful!





The dusting of the snow and the beautiful trees lining the bottom of the mountain takes my breath away every time. I swear I could sit there and stare at them for hours. I saw the mountains today actually on my drive home form the grocery store, and more then ever did it make me want to go back there again. I have been to the mountains, especially Banff, way too many times to count, yet it still draws me back.




Here are those beauties again!


Well I hope you enjoyed re-living my summer trip with me. I know I sure did! I cannot wait until my next adventure!

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Marble Canyon | Kootenay National Park

Marble Canyon | Kootenay National Park

Hello friends,

I like hiking, like a lot. However, when you go on 1-3 hikes (depending on the length of them) every day on a 12 day trip, it gets to be a lot! Marble Canyon was a short hike we did right after the paint pot hike from my last post. By this time I was exhausted and delirious! Although, I must say it was a beautiful one!

Once you climb to up the steeper part at the beginning you are basically just crossing over a bunch of bridges over a very deep canyon with water in it. It is actually quite amazing and breath taking. The pictures I took do not do it justice! It actually makes me so mad because I could not for the life of me capture the beauty of this hike!


So many forest fires throughout the national parks. Sadly this area was hit a little while ago, but it is still beautiful!









I think he got sick of me sticking the camera in his face! haha these little guys were absolutely everywhere on our trip!


This canyon is waaay deeper then it looks here. Its the kind of deep that when you lean over the edge to look down you feel sick!


Do not know why, but I was fascinated by this large out of place rock!






Have you ever done this short hike? Or have you ever done the longer ones in this area?!

Until next time,


Paint Pots Hike | Kootenay National Park

Paint Pots Hike | Kootenay National Park

Hello friends,

Lets talk about paint! And no, not the product you use to paint your room a different colour, the natural paint pots found in Kootenay!

They are found in an area that has unusual physical and chemical activity in the ground, which gives this area the very intense colour you will see in the pictures below. These areas have a history of being used by both Aboriginals and Europeans in the past. The ochre was collected for important ceremonies or to trade for other goods. These areas are still considered sacred by many First Nations today, so just keep that in mind if you visit this area. Just as you should be respectful to any area in National Parks.

If you want more information about the history of these paint pots, click here.


Now in the upcoming pictures, you will probably think that the vibrant orange colour it photoshop… well it is not. If you ever go visit there you will see this exact colour on the ground!


This was a little waterfall on the side of the path. Here you walked on the orange ground on the right side of the picture, however later on when it gets more muddy they have wooden boards so you don’t completely dye your shoes orange!



Personally, I loved these mini green coloured lakes at the top of the hike. I thought they were beautiful in contrast with the bright orange ground.





At first I was like why would people leave garbage up here, but then we continued to read the signs and these were actually tools used in the past to help get the ochre out!



I found these cute little purple flours and of course I nearly got covered in the orange mud trying to take pictures of them! Whoops!




Well I hope you enjoyed this post. If there is any advice I will give you for this short hike it would be to bring your camera! But also wear your hiking shoes so you won’t care if they get dirty and also bring a plastic bag or have somewhere that is designated in your car for dirty shoes! We washed ours off in a puddle, but they will never be 100% clean…

Have you ever been to the paint pots? And if so, did you fall into the orange mud off the wooden beams like I did?!

Until next time,


Foxes in Kootenay National Park

Foxes in Kootenay National Park

Hello friends,

Todays post will be about this beautiful fox I saw while we were driving in Kootenay National Park! This specific fox is called the Red Fox.

The red fox is a small, dog-like animal with red and white fur. The ears are prominent and you will notice that its tail is quite long and very bushy! It also has a white tip at the end of it. I love their tails because of how bushy they are. It kind of reminds me of my one labradoodle when we got her shaved and they left her tail all fluffy! haha


Such a beautiful colour on this little guy. We were driving down the road and of course on the lookout for wildlife, because they actually had sections of the highway that you couldn’t stop on due to a lot of bears in the area.

However, we were out of the “no stop zone” when I saw this guy! And I was soo excited I told my boyfriend “pullover pullover pullover!” and he finally did. By this time we were ahead of him. You could tell he was intrigued when we stopped and I popped out of my window to grab a few pictures. So he actually stared to walk towards us and then started a slow trot … and he got a little too close for comfort so we drove away! haha and he still followed the car for a little bit!


He was actually so beautiful in person I could not get over it. I was all giddy for the next 20 minutes of the drive.


I love this picture because it looks like he is smiling because we stopped!


DSC_3441 (1)

These are just a few pictures of the scenery along the way. Not the best mountain pictures, but I thought I would just add them in here so you can get an idea of the whole setting for the story!

Whats your opinion on foxes? Are you scared of them or think they are adorable?

Until next time,


Fall in Calgary | October, 2017

Fall in Calgary | October, 2017

Hello friends,

Today my post is about my exploration of Calgary’s fall! It is my first time living in Calgary during the fall so I obviously need to explore where to find the best pictures! Now let me take you through my Sunday …

It started out good, I slept in until around 8 (which is very nice considering I get up at 5:30 or 6:30 am throughout the week) and then I got straight to work! I baked and then cleaned and did laundry. Went to Costco and then I had to wait around at home for someone to stop by and pick something up. Then I went to Superstore for the rest of my groceries, got home, and cooked a few meals for the upcoming week. By the time I was finished with all that it was almost 5 o’clock!

However, once all of that was done I decided I needed to head out to get some fall pictures seeing as half the leaves are already gone!! (Edit: it also snowed today! So I am very happy I went haha) I decided to go to Nose Hill Park in Calgary, but what I didn’t realize was that it closed ten minutes after I got there! And that I had to go on a hike to get any good pictures, which I was not prepared for nor had the energy for. So long story short, my first stop was a fail!

The only half decent picture I got from Nose Hill Park

Then I decided to go to Crescent Heights because we were there at new years and I remembered it having a good view of the city and boy was I right! This entire street gives you a stunning view of Calgary as well as the river and trees that surround it. I was soo happy I chose to go there next! Here are some pictures from my hour or so there, I will have another post with more!










I know they kind of all look similar, but if you’re into photography you can appreciate the little differences!

I hope you enjoyed the fall colours of these pictures! I love catching the leaves changing. Do you like going exploring in the fall to see how the scenery around you changes? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,


Exploring Kootenay National Park

Exploring Kootenay National Park

Hello friends,

Today’s pictures are from part of our drive through Kootenay National Park. I absolutely love exploring new National Parks! I always think they will be the same, especially the ones between Alberta and British Columbia, simply because they are so close together, but that is not the case.

Each park has their own unique features and I love driving through them to find it. I have heard people say before that they would much rather fly from place to place even if it is only a few hour drive. Now I would rather fly if it is a very far distance away, but my parents, especially my mom, have taught me to really embrace the long drives of vacations.

Flying does not let you see nearly as much as driving does, however you do get a pretty cool aerial view if its a clear day! I won’t ramble on too much more though since I am planning on doing a post simply about flying versus driving on vacations! Let me know if you think you would be interested in a post like that in the comments below!

Enjoy these pictures, I know I sure enjoyed taking them … my boyfriend might not have though because I kept making him stop the car! haha







Do you enjoy exploring different National Parks or do you think they are all the same?

Until next time,