Lineham Falls Hike & A Surprise | Waterton, AB

Lineham Falls Hike & A Surprise | Waterton, AB

Hello friends,

Todays post will be about the Lineham Falls hike we did in Waterton this summer! Let me just tell you the back story first. We left really early in the morning, since its a 2.5 hour drive to get there, with the intention of doing the Lower Rowe Lake hike which then leads into Upper Rowe Lake. This was a very recommended hike with beautiful and different scenery all throughout it. It was a longer hike for us, about a half day or so, but we were so ready.

So we finally found the trail head, parked, got all ready, and then headed out. Little did we know we were going to run into an obstacle right away…

We were probably 5 minutes into the hike when we ran into these 2 guys sitting by the water. They told us there was a grizzly bear on the trail about a kilometer ahead and that many people were turning around. So we politely said thank you and kept walking a little bit. Not even 3 minutes later we ran into two groups of people coming down and they were all warning us about the grizzly bear. One group even said it followed them down a little bit. So at that point we knew we had to turn around. We were so sad! We were so excited about this hike!



Anyways, so we had to find another hike because we drove all this way to do something not just drive back home! We ended up picking Lineham Falls. I was very flustered at this point because my boyfriend has dragged me out every Sunday the entire summer for hikes and I work 6 days a week so I was always exhausted and never rested. Then he says, “ok babe lets do the hike with the most elevation” …. and I was like nooooooo! So we settled on Lineham Falls. It was not the highest elevation hike but let me tell you something, you go up a pretty steady incline for the first half of the hike! Then it is more mild in elevation and there are more flat areas on the trail.

However, I will tell you one thing about this hike. The trail is very skinny during the intense elevation areas which do not make it any easier! It was also quite difficult to use our hiking poles because the path was so overgrown and skinny they would get all tangled in the vegetation!


But the final result of the hike was totally worth it, because look at that beautiful waterfall! The Lineham Falls are 410 feet tall!






I must say, the scenery along the hike is beautiful . When you look up the hike it says its a moderate difficulty…. maybe this would have been true if the path wasn’t so overgrown? We thought it was definitely harder then moderate! But to each their own.

Definitely the second half of the hike is way better though!



I could not stop staring back at the falls. They were so beautiful up close, but when you initially saw them from far away they were breath taking.


Where the trail ends there is a sign. We saw quite a few people ignore the sign and walk where there was not a path to get closer to the falls. I personally do not like when people do this. There are paths for a reason; these are National Parks we are in. They should be respected and not worn out. But that is just my personal opinion.


And the next picture is the surprise! We saw a little grizzly, probably about 1 or 2 years old, such a little cutie. All the cars were slowing down to see him πŸ™‚



DSC_3803 (1)

He looked so happy to be frolicking in the wild flowers along the side of the road. Have you guys ever been this close to a baby grizzly?!

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Bison Paddock Loop Road | Waterton, AB

Bison Paddock Loop Road | Waterton, AB

Hello friends,

Todays post will be about a fun adventure we had on the way to Waterton! When we left this morning we had no idea that Bison Paddock Loop Road existed, but we saw a sign and thought meh why not…and I am glad we took the extra half hour and did it!

If you haven’t read the first part of this story click here to get caught up before you continue reading this post! πŸ™‚


Bison….we saw bison! Now for many people, this would probably be their first time ever seeing a large bison in person, however for me it wasn’t. This was still a very exciting experience though!


So this bison loop was probably a 20 minute drive or so because you need to go slow. We also stopped a few times when we saw them!

So when you get there you literally just drive right in and the bison are just hanging out inside these gates! At first we did not see any for quite some time and we were pretty frustrated I would say. Taking time from actually being in Waterton to do the drive and not see any bison…little did we know that around the next corner we would see this guy!



Now there was a sign that said “DO NOT GET OUT OF YOUR VEHICLE”…. do you think I listened? No .. I did not because I learnt from my mom that breaking rules is fun! Just kidding … but at the same time not really.

My boyfriend was not too impressed when I made him stop and I got out of the car so I could take better pictures, but I didn’t care! They were no where near me…but I am not saying break the rules if you go. I just had to for better pictures!


This lonely guy was beautiful.


When we were approaching the end I saw a whole bunch of them, but my boyfriend wouldn’t let me out of the car… so I knelt on the seat and stuck my body out of the window ahaha



I also obviously had to capture this cutie because look at his fur! He is all spotted and stripy!


Just too cute πŸ™‚



Let me know if you would take an extra half hour and do this little drive if you were going to Waterton! Or have you already done it and seen any bison while you were there? I would definitely say it is worth the little bit of extra time driving because you might just see something cool!

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First look at Kelowna, BC

First look at Kelowna, BC

Hello friends,

Today my post will be about my first time ever visiting Kelowna British Columbia!

Let me tell you, I fell in love with it the second we got there. Since I was young, I have always heard about how beautiful it was and all that jazz, but I never got to see it so I didn’t truly understand the extent of its beauty.

My boyfriend described it perfectly when we got there, “It doesn’t even feel like we are in Canada anymore”. I have never seen so many lush tree covered rolling valleys in my life. One day I hope to explore the entire province of British Columbia from top to bottom!

These pictures are from our walk along the boardwalk by the waterfront. Sadly when we were there they just had a flood so we couldn’t use the beaches, but there is always next time! We plan to go more in the actual summer next time, not the end of may!







Also next time we are definitely hitting up a winery because we did not have time for that on this trip 😦

Have you ever been to Kelowna? If you have been there, what are the best wineries to try?!

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Calgary Stampede 2017

Calgary Stampede 2017

Hello friends,

As most of you know, the Calgary Stampede has just ended. The Calgary Stampede runs from July 6 to the 17th. It is insane and jam packed with fun things to do. There is a million and one food trucks, which are delicious and very cool looking, many rides, a big petting zoo, drinks, music, games, shows and much much more!

This year was my first time going because I have never been in Calgary during the Stampede before, but now that I live here I felt obligated to head downtown and see what all the hype was about! The crowds are massive, but it is an experience I feel that everyone should have. What I will say though is bring lots of cash because you will blow through it quite quickly! Parking was $40!! However, now i know that taking the train to the event is much cheaper then paying for parking…rookie mistake.

I hope you guys enjoy the pictures of all the people, food and fun that was the Calgary Stampede!


This lemonade was $7 but totally worth it in the +30 degree weather! So refreshing!


Views from the top of some random staircase.



Insane rides I did not try…. maybe next time…



Fun Fact: they were having a pizza eating contest at that pizza stand… I bet they felt sick after eating so much pizza in the hot weather!



Obviously had to check out the kids section!


A band was playing out in the middle of everything! They were so good!



The Colossal Onion! So good!


Coring the onion for us


Finished product!!


Cherry Coca-cola soft serve?!


This was absolutely amazing! Dole pineapple soft serve!


If I wasn’t stuffed from everything else I ate that day I would have definitely tried some of these !

Let me know if you went!

Until next time,