Long Sault Parkway | May 2018

Long Sault Parkway | May 2018

Hello friends,

Do you ever just see a picture and go “wow, I would love to go there”? Well, that is exactly how we got here. One day I saw an absolutely stunning aerial photo of the Long Sault Parkway in Ontario and the caption had to do with camping there. So I looked it up, saw it was one hour away from us, tagged my boyfriend in the picture, and boom the next thing I know my boyfriend was like “babe we are going camping next weekend”

Of course I was down to go lay on some dirt for a night, like who wouldn’t be?! I love camping, however I considered this like resort camping. There was no peeing in the bush or attempting to find a flat spot to put your tent on, it was all very nicely groomed and laid out. Most people brought their entire house with them! We always look like the poverty campers with our two man tent hahah anyone else?


So what you see here is the map of the Long Sault Parkway. This is what I saw in the aerial picture, so stunning! I’ve never seen anything like this before, let alone one hour away from where I live! The campground we stayed at was the Woodlands Island Campground, and in my opinion it was the best one there. I would 100% stay on the same island next time.

The Long Sault Parkway is 11 islands that were formed from the high points left after the flood of the St. Lawrence River during the Seaway construction in the 1950’s.ย Click here if you want to learn more about the Long Sault Parkway!ย 


This was our little spot, and since we went early in the season we didn’t have neighbours! My man did really good at picking our spot when he reserved it because at most we could only have one neighbour and you could park your vehicle there to give yourself some privacy if need be. Each site came with a fire pit and a table, which both came in handy!


Literally ten steps from our tent was this beautiful beach all to ourselves basically. The water was a bit cold for swimming, however the temperature was perfect for laying on the beach and having a little picnic! I had watermelon all cut up and a little bag of chips to bribe my boyfriend to come sit with me haha when the snacks were done though he went back into the shade and set up the tent ๐Ÿ™‚


Next we went on a drive (about 11 km I believe is the length of the island chain) across all the islands. This is why I have the opinion of our campground being the best – because it looked the best!

As you will see through these pictures, you drive with water on both sides of you when you aren’t on one of the islands – pretty cool. People were boating and playing around with water toys – looked like a blast!



There was actually a lot of little ducky families too! We saw one where the whole family was in a connected line!



These guys were down there having a time fishing – had a little rainbow umbrella and everything.

And dang, did they ever have the right idea. There is nothing I love more then catching fish, cleaning them a few hours later when you get back to camp, and cooking them up over the fire. Too good! I hope they caught something!


There was a whole bunch of sail boats out bopping around the water as well, and the lushest green forest ever.



When we finished exploring the islands, it was time to cook dinner! So I made a little fire and balanced our grill on a few rocks. My boyfriend got the most amazing steaks from the store and we cooked them perfectly! They were mouthwatering!

We brought a little wine too and had a really nice night. Finished up with s’mores at the end obviously! You cannot camp without s’mores!


Once dinner was over, the sun was setting. We headed back out to sit on the beach and just talk about life and the future. It was so relaxing to just be able to sit in the sand with a mug of wine and talk while the warm sun is setting. My favourite.


Overall, it was an amazing night. It felt like we actually went away on vacation and hadn’t worked in days! I would always suggest camping as a great escape from the city life, its a nice mental break.

Now when I say camping though, I don’t mean in a massive camper with your whole house packed into it haha I love actual camping. Especially when it is more rugged then this. This camping I would call “glamping” – glamorous camping. Still a nice getaway though!

Are you guys tenters or camper people and do you like camping? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,



Mont Tremblant |Day 1

Mont Tremblant |Day 1

Hello friends,

I hope you all had an amazing May long weekend! My boyfriend and I ended up going to Mont Tremblant, Quebec Canada for two days. Since we live in Ottawa now, Mont Tremblant is only about 2 hours away, which isn’t bad at all!

Sunday morning we got up early, headed to McDonalds for a coffee and hit the road. It was quite overcast and I was worried it was going to rain, however it didn’t!

Less then an hour into the drive our gps was telling us to turn here and cross a river….but we didn’t see a bridge. We had to actually take a ferry across the river to the other side! haha and I kid you not, we literally had EXACTLY $10 in change! We apologized to the man working there about the dimes and nickels, but at least he got paid!ย  On the way home the next day, we rerouted the gps to cross a bridge instead so we didn’t have to pay again!

Once across the river we continued on our way. The first animal we spotted was a wild turkey! I literally had to do a double take because I was like what?!


We arrived in Mont Tremblant in the early afternoon so we had the whole day ahead of us. When we arrived in the town, we stopped at an information centre right away to get info on the area. I also realized how chilly the air was at this point! Luckily by the time we went on a hike later it warmed up a bit.

Leaving the info centre, we started the drive to the resort. Now Mont Tremblant is kind of spilt up differently. There was the “town” part where I assume most people live and everything, then the “village” which is an older stretch of buildings along the water, and then the “resort” which is a newer section where most of the tourist go. It is quite small, but there are hotels and lots of restaurants and shops there to explore. In the resort you have to park and walk around by foot!

On our drive to the resort we took a few random roads and ended up seeing some really nice houses and views of the ski hill and resort! There were also these little yellow scooters out and about, I think it may of been tours but I am not 100% sure!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

On the drive to the resort I spotted these two little deer off to the side of the road. They were gorgeous and stood so still I barley saw them! They were also very tiny and dainty looking compared to the deer I am use to seeing!



This one reminds me on Bambi ๐Ÿ™‚

Once we found parking, we started to walk up the hill of the resort. Our first order of business was to get some type of food because as always, we were starving. We ended up going to a small sandwich shop and it was delicious. I cannot remember the name of it, but it is at the top of the hill right beside the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory if you wanna check it out!

Now time to explore the little resort! They had this open gondola ride thing that was free. You can just get on to go from the bottom to the top of the resort hill. We ended up riding it back down and then walking up again, but this time taking a look around because our tummies were full! haha Jacob pointed out this maple shop to me, so obviously I had to go in. I am a true Canadian and I love anything maple! We ended up getting maple tea (which is surprisingly really good especially if you add a bit of milk!) and also these maple meringue blobs – not sure what to call them – but they were delicious too! They also had maple butter, which I really wanted, but it was quite expensive so I let it slide this time!

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When we worked our way back up to the top of the hill, we decided to head out for a hike since it was starting to get nicer out. On our way down the hill back to the car, we spotted a beaver tail shop….and yup you guessed it, we got one! OMG they are soo good. Every time we see a beaver tail stand we get one! haha if you have never tried one I highly suggest doing so. Our favourite is the skor cheesecake one.

A warm pastry hug with all of the toppings #JustCanadianThings

We ended up going to Domaine Saint-Bernardย ย for a hike. You pay $5 per adult as an entry fee to the park. We talked to the lady and asked for a lot of elevation because we wanted views – we are use to the views from the rockies! So we ended up doing the hike called R8. It had different view points throughout the hike which were beautiful. A few overlooked the forest and lakes, and the other side of the hill gave us a view of the resort! Pretty cool if you ask me. The trail was good with dry conditions, and most of the trees had their leaves out!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This was one of my favourite views

On the trail we also ran into a flock of these little birds – some of them were nice enough to pose for a photoshoot with me ๐Ÿ™‚





After the hike we hung out and then got cleaned up for dinner. We went to Le Shack and both got the chicken burger and fries with a side of sangria ๐Ÿ˜‰ It was very good and I would definitely recommend going there!

We ended the night going for a walk down by the water on the beach and then got another drink at the bar attached to our hotel. Stay tuned for day 2 of this mini vacation!

iphone picture but the sunset was beautiful!

Until next time,


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Trying to Catch the Sun | Calgary, AB

Trying to Catch the Sun | Calgary, AB

Hello friends,

Do you ever have those days where you are like.. ya lets go on an adventure! Because I do …

Usually I end up being too lazy to actually go, but I wasn’t this time! Hallelujah! Mind you, an adventure to me is pretty much anything haha like going o McDonald’s for ice cream at 10 o’clock at night is an adventure to me. Anyways, back to the current adventure! It was to go take pictures of the sunset at Crescent Heights in Calgary, AB.

So it was going on 4 o’clock and I texted my boyfriend saying I was getting too lazy to go. While waiting for his response I got all my camera gear together and headed out. He replied saying “Do It” with an unimpressed emoji face.

So I got in my car and headed out. Now Crescent Heights is quite a drive from where I live. Probably around a 40 minute drive North. So what do ya do? I turned on the radio and started to jam out..then I heard about all the car accidents and traffic on my main route to my location! Lucky heading there wasn’t too bad…the wayย  home was a different story!


Trying to get one of the mountains in the back of the city, but the quality is not the greatest.



A while later my gps was like “Arrived” and I was like but where do I go now haha I have only ever been there a few times which were spread out over the two years! So of course I took way too many wrong turns and I was getting frustrated. The sun was going down and I was panicking. Eventually I pulled over and hoped out. I got a couple of shots, but I wasn’t satisfied!



Looking at where the sun was, I thought I had a bit more time to drive around looking for where I went in the fall because the site of the city from there is gorgeous! And all I had to do was go back to where I turned left right away and turn right! haha so simple yet it took me 20 minutes to figure it out.




Some of my favourite pictures from this trip because of the sky colour!


The sunset made the cement city look pretty!


Now I am still not completely satisfied with these sunset pictures. I need to get back out another time to try again at a different spot I think. The only thing with sunset and sunrise pictures is that you don’t know when they will be good ones! Nonetheless I just do my best to predict the weather like all weather stations do, and go for it.

Hoping to get out for a sunrise sometime soon. Obviously you guys will know when that happens!

Which do you prefer more, sunrise or sunset? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,



My 2017

My 2017

Hello friends,

Todays post will be a summary of my 2017 year! Boy oh boy was it an adventure.

From January – April I was finishing up my Bachelors degree and I remember thinking how quick those months flew by. Now looking back on it, I wish they would have slowed down a bit. For those of you who don’t know, I went to Acadia University in Wolfville, Nova Scotia. It is absolutely gorgeous there so I suggest you pop over to the east coast of Canada if you ever get a chance. Now don’t get me wrong, I was not a huge fan of the gloomy/rainy days, but every place has their beauty.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetProcessed with VSCO with f2 presetProcessed with VSCO with c2 presetDSC_2441

So once I finished my last exam ever in April, I flew home back to Fort McMurray Alberta. I was there for a few weeks and then my parents and I flew back to Nova Scotia for my graduation. We went about a week early so we could tour around and explore every little corner of this province. It was well worth it. However, my boyfriend did the same thing with his mom and sister and they went to like all the places we did in 2 days! haha like what!

IMG_7838Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetDSC_2280DSC_2211IMG_7873

Anyways, graduation was great. It is such a feeling of accomplishment, especially because all of the hard work you did for the last 4 years has payed off. My parents were so cute at graduation too, it was my moms mothers day gift to watch me graduate…kind of cute how it worked out.

DSC_2563Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetProcessed with VSCO with hb2 preset

So when it was all said and done we flew back home to Alberta. Then my boyfriend and I went on our graduation trip! We had just moved to Calgary, Alberta Canada and wanted to explore everywhere. So we drove to Jasper, stopped in Emerald Lake, Golden, Revelstoke, Radium, Kelowna, and oh my gosh so much more! It was a trip and a half let me tell you. We did so much that instead of being rested after (like you should be after a vacation) we were exhausted! I have so many blog posts up from this trip so feel free to browse around my blog if you want to see more pics from that trip!


Now back in Calgary, my boyfriend started his internship for the month of June while I job hunted. I have a degree in Environmental Science however, it is hard to get a entry level job in that field! So I ended up applying to an Anytime Fitness by where we live and I got hired and am still there today. I definitely feel grateful to have gotten that job. The people there are great and I can for sure say my personality has grown since I have started there.

In August I got a second job in retail at a store called Atmosphere. I did this job weekday mornings, while I worked at the gym in the evenings. It was a very exhausting 4 months, but I had to do it. In the new year I will only be working at the gym full-time, which will be a lot better! haha

So the last few months of 2017 have been busy, stressful, but also great because I know that whatever I set my mind to do I can achieve. I was working 58 hours a week plus uploading 2 blog posts and doing all my other adult responsibilities…and sure I was tired but I got it done. So I am so excited to see what 2018 will bring with this blog when I don’t have to work so much. I can really dedicate more time to it.

I have something very exciting coming up in the new year that I will fill you guys in on later. It will benefit my blog greatly.

Now to wrap up 2017!

I hope all of you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Until next time,


Golden, BC | Part 1

Golden, BC | Part 1

Hello Friends,

Today I will be showing you pictures from our trip in Golden British Columbia. I have wanted to go to Golden for quite some time now because I have heard it is just beautiful, and to be honest it is. The town is surrounded by mountains and rivers, and it is not overly developed which has helped to keep the nature aspect a huge part of visiting there.

Now, before you decide to drive there like we did, I do have to warn you that the roads in BC aren’t the best. You need to be a comfortable driver because to get there the road is narrow and you’re driving down a winding road on a mountain side … ๐Ÿ™‚ But as long as you drive the speed limit,you should be all good!


When we first arrived in Golden it was in the evening. It was pretty cloudy, but I was still determined to get some half decent pictures!



This is the Kicking Horse Pedestrian Bridge. This bridge goes across the 46m Kicking Horse River in Golden. It is the longest freestanding timber frame bridge in Canada, so its definitely worth a walk on if you are in the area! This bridge weighs about 210, 000 lbs!! Holy ! It is also made of Douglas-fir timbers, which is pretty cool if you ask me.

We went on a walk over the bridge and then continued on the trail along the river. Eventually you were suppose to end up back at the bridge but somehow we got lost, ended up walking by a landing strip, running over train tracks, hopping a fence, and walking through the residential area to try and find the bridge again…. I am pretty sure it is very hard to get lost though… so you should be fine ๐Ÿ™‚





This was the view from our hotel room, pretty spectacular if you ask me. Every room in this hotel definitely had a mountain view since the entire city is surrounded by them!




Now you will see my attempts at capturing the sunset on a cloudy night.



Hope you enjoyed the post! Let me know if you have ever walked across the Kicking Horse Pedestrian Bridge below!

Until next time,


Peggy’s Cove, NS | Pt. 1

Peggy’s Cove, NS | Pt. 1

Hello again,

I’m back.

Todays post is from my first round of Peggy’s Cove pictures from my trip back to Nova Scotia for my university graduation. The entire first day we were there it was raining and then finally in the evening, once we arrived to Peggy’s Cove from Halifax, the rain let up and we got to see part of the sunset. My parents and myself were all exhausted, sleep deprived, as well as jet legged, but the lighthouse was too pretty not to explore the first night there.









The next post will be at Peggy’s Cove, but in the day time where it is not so overcast. Hopefully both of these variations of the same spot will please you.

Until next time,


A Sunset Fishing Trip

A Sunset Fishing Trip

Hello friends,

Today I come at you with past memories. As I am approaching my last two months of uni I have become so very unmotivated to do anything. So that brings me to these pictures. I am sitting here looking through them and I found these two photos of a sunset fishing trip my dad and I went on last summer.

Since I need to work for most of the summer, I have very little vacation time. When I was young we use to go to our camp in Ontario for two months every summer, now I only get two weeks if I am lucky. So, due to the shorter time frame and trying to visit all the relatives and what not, fishing always gets pushed to the back burner.

My dad knows how much I enjoy it though, so we thought we would take a trip down the river after dinner to see what we could catch. Sadly we caught nothing, but we did catch the sunset glowing across the river and it was beautiful.



The colours were so vibrant and the glow was amazing. The camera could not do it justice.

Always go fishing when ya get the chance… what you catch or don’t catch may surprise you. Comment below and let me know if you like fishing?

Until next time,