Canadians in the UK | 2018

Canadians in the UK | 2018

Hello friends,

We made it. My parents and I got to the United Kingdom from the far away land where maple syrup grows.

We took a taxi from the Heathrow Airport in London, to a small airbnb – more on the outskirts of London. I must say, it was very much what I expected London to look like. If you have ever seen movies based in the United Kingdom they are pretty spot on.

It was extremely terrifying though to be driving on the wrong side of the road – and I will let you know that it didn’t feel any better doing it on day 10 of the trip either! It feels so wrong, just like when someone is walking on the wrong side of the sidewalk! Also, the lanes, oh my gosh, the road lanes are so tiny! They just barley fit the vehicles driving by – it looks like everyone is about to side swipe each other.

Anyways, we finally arrived at the air bnb after my parents and I nearly had a heart attack on the way there! A very nice lady greeted us and showed us around. She also complimented all four of us on our teeth, which we thought was a weird compliment but we took it! I didn’t take any pictures of her air bnb to keep her privacy, but it was lovely!

Everything felt miniature in her house. The kitchen was actually a decent size though compared to other ones we saw. The staircase was extremely narrow, if you didn’t duck half way down too, you’d hit your head! Once we dropped off our bags we decided to head out for a stroll and to grab some dinner.


My dad always wants to be the photographer!


I quickly noticed that everything was covered in mould or moss! Obviously this is due to their climate, but it was something that I have never noticed anywhere I went before.


My 6’3″ father standing besides an average door in London!

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Royal Mail! I guess when you live where the Queen is you have Royal Mail not any old normal mail. No sir.


So, if you think I was exaggerating about the size of the lanes think again. This was actually a pretty common sign I saw in the UK.


There were usually cars parked on both side of these roads too, so you can imagine how tight it is for one car to get through let alone two way traffic! All of our drivers drove very fast, but somehow we managed to make it!


Here is a good example of what most residential roads looked like, as well as, the residential housing. Well, I shouldn’t just say residential because it looked like this everywhere. Little shops were all connected and same with the restaurants. If there were walkways in-between buildings they were tiny!


Next we came across this very old church. The history in London is absolutely amazing. The tombstones dated back a few hundred years. We tried to find the oldest one, but I can’t remember what the date was on it!


The red door was beautifully in tact and stood out from a distance against the dull surrounding colours.


The grass was also very vibrant against the grey sky! There was also flowers everywhere, which brightened the dull day.


Are you a person who gets creeped out by old churches and graveyards or do you enjoy them?

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New Years Resolutions | 2018

New Years Resolutions | 2018

Hello friends,

Sorry I haven’t posted in a week. I had four days off at Christmas so I put a lot of work into my blog and got quite a few post up for you guys. And then on the early morning of the 28th we were off to Banff for snowboarding and New Years! Hence my lack of posts at the very end of December and thus far into January. You will hear all about the trip in many upcoming posts!

Now I know I am a bit late because it is January 4th and all, but when it was New Years Day I did have my resolutions all in my head! So I thought I would share them with you guys and maybe it will inspire one of you if you haven’t made any yet!

I don’t typically set hundreds of resolutions like some people, but I set a few just so I have something to work towards. Also, this year I decided to set goals to help me achieve these larger resolutions. I usually get too overwhelmed with all these resolutions floating around in my head that by February I push them all aside. So this year I will be trying something new!


1st resolution: Eat more veggies! I will achieve this by at least having one serving of vegetables with lunch and dinner. Also by eating more salads. I never was a huge salad person, but recently we have found a few really good bag mixes of salads, so I will try o eat salad twice a week! Maybe order salad instead of fries when we go out to eat…but that might be pushing it πŸ˜‰

2nd resolution: Make more time for my blog! The last few months I was so overwhelmed with work and just adult things in life that I would set aside a couple hours on one day a week, usually Sundays, to bust out blog posts and edit pictures. Now, since I am not working so much I am going to schedule in blog hours throughout the week so it does not seem so daunting every Sunday! I really enjoy making posts however, when I have no time it is just another things that stresses me out. So this year that will change!

3rd resolution: Listen to the news more! Either by watching it or reading about what is going on in the world. I always made the excuse that I am too young and its so boring, but I am really going to make an effort to keep updated on current events.

4th resolution: Go on 1 or 2 good trips! My boyfriend and I are usually pretty good about planning trips and saving up for them so I think we will be able to crush this resolution! We set aside money every month into a separate “trip account”, which allows us to go on a trip and not have to worry about dipping into our other savings! It is a good technique that you should try out if you love to travel but need to stay on budget πŸ™‚


I feel like 2018 should be a good year, because parts of 2017 were a struggle and a hard grind to keep going, but in the end it worked out alright. This year, I think will be better. Maybe some new opportunities will arise, going on more adventures, finding a better apartment! Who knows! The possibilities are endless. I am trying to keep positive vibes because my real adult life has only just started. I am so young and have so much time to figure life out..even though I don’t even think most older adults have it all figured out! haha

Taking it one small goal at a time is my moto this year!

Let me know in the comments below if you guys have any resolutions or goals for 2018! Oh and also, my next post will be back to normal with loads of pictures from my Banff trip! We visited a couple other little places and I am so excited to share it with all of you! πŸ™‚

…Special picture credits go the father unit

Until next time,


17 Things 2017 Taught Me

17 Things 2017 Taught Me

Hello friends,

In today’s post I will be sharing a few things that I have learnt in 2017. This year was an interesting one to say the least. Some things did not go as planned, both a mix of better than expected and worse, but none the less it’s all life lessons.

  1. There are many stepping stones in life.Β Your first job won’t be your last, so just be grateful that you are employed.
  2. Everything takes time.Β You can’t rush anything in life. I can’t rush into an amazing environmental career just like I can’t make this blog blow up in a day. You need to work hard towards what you want and in time you will get there.
  3. Saying no is harder then saying yes.Β We have all been in situations where you don’t want to say yes, but saying no feels impossible. Well its not, so next time you want to say no try it out.
  4. Its okay to do things that scare you. Breaking out of your comfort zone is scary but amazing. It will do wonders for you. If I never broke out of mine, I would not have this blog today or be able to share it on facebook for my family to see.
  5. When in doubt listen to your little voice inside you, it probably knows what its talking about. Unless you have anxiety like me, then sometimes you have to ignore it and go grab experiences by the …. well you know πŸ™‚
  6. Less friends = more.Β  I have never had a large friend group and I don’t need one. I love having a few close friends who are truly there for me.
  7. Don’t be afraid to do things by yourself.Β  This year I have really started to do this and it was challenging at first (and still is sometimes). I go exploring for pictures by myself and also edit/write in coffee shops alone. Now I am growing to love me time.
  8. You’ll grow as a person every year.Β  Its okay.
  9. Don’t judge people. Everyone around you has a story that you have no clue about.
  10. You are stronger than you think.Β Until you are pushed, you will never truly be able to know what you can handle.
  11. Don’t waste your energy on things you can’t control.Β  This is something I need to work on.
  12. Stop overthinking every little thing about your life.Β  Another biggie I need to work on, I have over thought way to much about my life so far. I am young and need to chill out.
  13. There are unlimited things to learn in life.Β  You are never to old to learn!
  14. Listen to your elders even if you just met them, they have some life experience that you don’t.Β  I have met some very intelligent people this year that have come into my life for one conversation and let me tell you, some things they have told me have stuck.
  15. You will never have your life perfectly worked out so just relax and enjoy the ride.Β  Go with the flow! Life is not perfect and neither are you!
  16. If you aren’t afraid to roll up your sleeves you will never lose your shirt. (Love ya dad)
  17. Believe in yourself. It does not mater if everyone else believes in you, if you don’t, nothing will happen.


Let me know if any of these resonate with you and if there are any other things you have learnt in 2017 that we can add to the list! Leave them in the comments below πŸ™‚

I hope you all learnt at least one thing in 2017 and that you can use it to improve in 2018!

Until next time,


Bourgeau Lake/Harvey Pass | Banff, AB Canada Pt. 2

Bourgeau Lake/Harvey Pass | Banff, AB Canada Pt. 2

Hello friends,

Todays post is a continuation of part one! If you haven’t read it yet, click here! πŸ™‚

So we are now done our beautiful lunch, which was fruit, muffins, and peanut butter & honey sandwiches (so good!), and we are starting up to Harvey Pass! At this point I was exhausted, but I wanted to do it because of the views and pictures I could get haha

From Bourgeau Lake, it is about a 2.2 km slightly harder hike to Harvey Pass. This path leads to magnificent views.


Already the mountains are so beautiful. I have literally never been this high on a mountain before. We were so close to the top!


DSC_4092 (1)

So you see that greyish rocky “path” … yeah that is what we hiked up. Let me tell you there was no path, we literally scrambled up rocks! Very loose rocks to say the least. I am so happy we had hiking poles because they helped soo much! Especially on the way down. You think they would help more on the way up, however it was very easy to slide on the way down and if you put your poles in front of you it helps a lot!




There is Bourgeau Lake where we ate lunch at! I actually could not believe how much farther up we hiked after the huge hike we did just to get to the lake!


Oh my gosh, this was the coolest part of the entire day I would have to say! Can you spot what is on top of the mountain?! It’s big horn sheep! There was quite a few of them up there, we could not believe that we actually saw them!



And this is the farthest we got on Harvey’s Pass. You can continue around the lake and up further, but we were exhausted and had a long hike back. We also wanted to get back to the car before dark and our hour drive home!



It was also so unbelievably windy at this point in the hike! I could not imagine going up higher on this mountain. We would have gotten blown off! It was so windy that it was hard to hear each other talk.




Literally soooo close to the top of the mountain! πŸ™‚


My man trying to see the sheep. We could see them better in my camera then in his binoculars!


Still could not put my camera down even on the way back! I was in awe this entire hike….besides the fact that my legs were actually dying.


I looove glacial water. So beautiful.

This was a picture we took at the highest point we hiked, you can see how windy it was because of my hair and he is wearing his hat strap! haha Well I hope you enjoyed our hike! I would definitely recommend doing it even though it was a challenge, because I have been to the rockies a million times, but I have never seen sights like these before πŸ™‚

Hope you guys enjoy living vicariously through my pictures! Would you continue to Harvey Pass or just stop at Bourgeau Lake?

Until next time,


Bourgeau Lake/Harvey Pass | Banff, AB Canada Pt. 1

Bourgeau Lake/Harvey Pass | Banff, AB Canada Pt. 1

Hello friends,

Todays post will be about the Bourgeau Lake/Harvey Pass hike in Banff, Alberta Canada! We did this back in the summer when it was beautiful out with no snow! Although, right now in Calgary there is not any snow because we have had quite a few warm days. This makes me sad because I love snow at this time of the year! Trying to get all festive and everything! But anyways, lets get back on topic!



Beautiful waterfalls on the hike to the lake!




This hike is 7.2 km one way and a 6 hour round trip. Its a steady uphill hike that leads to Bourgeau Lake, which is absolutely stunning by the way! You hike through very lush forests and beautiful flower filled fields with gorgeous views surrounding you the entire time. Bourgeau Lake is the closest subalpine lake to the town of Banff.









The glacially carved amphitheater provides a breath taking view of the lake. There are boulders right by the lake too which is where we ate lunch! For quite a hard hike there was lots of people there when we went!








Some people stop at Bourgeau Lake, but we decided to continue up to Harvey Pass. The hike to Harvey Pass will be in my next post so make sure to subscribe to hear about it next!


We also made a little friend at lunch time! I actually could not believe that we saw these guys on literally every hike we did this summer!


Have you ever been to Banff?

Until next time,


Exploring & Heading Home | Waterton, AB

Exploring & Heading Home | Waterton, AB

Hello friends,

If you haven’t seen my previous Waterton posts click down below:


Todays post will be about our time in Waterton, Alberta (Canada) after the hike we went on in my previous post and then heading home!


Now, if you have never been to Waterton, like I have said before, you MUST go! It is so beautiful. Inside the town and all around it. We were absolutely amazed with the beauty of this place.


After our tiring hike we decided to head back into town and explore. And of course we had to stop and get some ice cream because it was so hot that day and it sounded amazing! We both got massive cones and devoured it all haha the ice cream place was packed too, so we knew it was going to be good πŸ˜‰ If you ever want ice cream in Waterton I recommend Big Scoop Ice Cream Parlour!


We went on a walk by the water once we were done. It was beautiful but boy oh boy do these mountains ever funnel in the wind! I thought we were going to get blown away!





Now this place was just as windy, but I wanted to stop because of the views. We must have stood up here freezing for a good ten minutes or so just taking it all in.



There was a girl here trying to take a good selfie for at least 5 minutes and I was getting so frustrated at her because I was freezing but I wasn’t leaving without a good shot with no people in it! Its not even like she wouldn’t be noticeable in the pictures either, because she was wearing bright red!




There is the little town where we just were!


Eventually I got a couple shots that I liked πŸ™‚





Hope you enjoyed this Waterton series! I had sooo many pictures from just one day. I had to try and show you guys all of the good ones without it being overwhelming! haha

Until next time,


Lineham Falls Hike & A Surprise | Waterton, AB

Lineham Falls Hike & A Surprise | Waterton, AB

Hello friends,

Todays post will be about the Lineham Falls hike we did in Waterton this summer! Let me just tell you the back story first. We left really early in the morning, since its a 2.5 hour drive to get there, with the intention of doing the Lower Rowe Lake hike which then leads into Upper Rowe Lake. This was a very recommended hike with beautiful and different scenery all throughout it. It was a longer hike for us, about a half day or so, but we were so ready.

So we finally found the trail head, parked, got all ready, and then headed out. Little did we know we were going to run into an obstacle right away…

We were probably 5 minutes into the hike when we ran into these 2 guys sitting by the water. They told us there was a grizzly bear on the trail about a kilometer ahead and that many people were turning around. So we politely said thank you and kept walking a little bit. Not even 3 minutes later we ran into two groups of people coming down and they were all warning us about the grizzly bear. One group even said it followed them down a little bit. So at that point we knew we had to turn around. We were so sad! We were so excited about this hike!



Anyways, so we had to find another hike because we drove all this way to do something not just drive back home! We ended up picking Lineham Falls. I was very flustered at this point because my boyfriend has dragged me out every Sunday the entire summer for hikes and I work 6 days a week so I was always exhausted and never rested. Then he says, “ok babe lets do the hike with the most elevation” …. and I was like nooooooo! So we settled on Lineham Falls. It was not the highest elevation hike but let me tell you something, you go up a pretty steady incline for the first half of the hike! Then it is more mild in elevation and there are more flat areas on the trail.

However, I will tell you one thing about this hike. The trail is very skinny during the intense elevation areas which do not make it any easier! It was also quite difficult to use our hiking poles because the path was so overgrown and skinny they would get all tangled in the vegetation!


But the final result of the hike was totally worth it, because look at that beautiful waterfall! The Lineham Falls are 410 feet tall!






I must say, the scenery along the hike is beautiful . When you look up the hike it says its a moderate difficulty…. maybe this would have been true if the path wasn’t so overgrown? We thought it was definitely harder then moderate! But to each their own.

Definitely the second half of the hike is way better though!



I could not stop staring back at the falls. They were so beautiful up close, but when you initially saw them from far away they were breath taking.


Where the trail ends there is a sign. We saw quite a few people ignore the sign and walk where there was not a path to get closer to the falls. I personally do not like when people do this. There are paths for a reason; these are National Parks we are in. They should be respected and not worn out. But that is just my personal opinion.


And the next picture is the surprise! We saw a little grizzly, probably about 1 or 2 years old, such a little cutie. All the cars were slowing down to see him πŸ™‚



DSC_3803 (1)

He looked so happy to be frolicking in the wild flowers along the side of the road. Have you guys ever been this close to a baby grizzly?!

I believe I still have one more post on Waterton, so if you want to stay tuned for next time make sure to subscribe!

Until next time,


Bison Paddock Loop Road | Waterton, AB

Bison Paddock Loop Road | Waterton, AB

Hello friends,

Todays post will be about a fun adventure we had on the way to Waterton! When we left this morning we had no idea that Bison Paddock Loop Road existed, but we saw a sign and thought meh why not…and I am glad we took the extra half hour and did it!

If you haven’t read the first part of this story click here to get caught up before you continue reading this post! πŸ™‚


Bison….we saw bison! Now for many people, this would probably be their first time ever seeing a large bison in person, however for me it wasn’t. This was still a very exciting experience though!


So this bison loop was probably a 20 minute drive or so because you need to go slow. We also stopped a few times when we saw them!

So when you get there you literally just drive right in and the bison are just hanging out inside these gates! At first we did not see any for quite some time and we were pretty frustrated I would say. Taking time from actually being in Waterton to do the drive and not see any bison…little did we know that around the next corner we would see this guy!



Now there was a sign that said “DO NOT GET OUT OF YOUR VEHICLE”…. do you think I listened? No .. I did not because I learnt from my mom that breaking rules is fun! Just kidding … but at the same time not really.

My boyfriend was not too impressed when I made him stop and I got out of the car so I could take better pictures, but I didn’t care! They were no where near me…but I am not saying break the rules if you go. I just had to for better pictures!


This lonely guy was beautiful.


When we were approaching the end I saw a whole bunch of them, but my boyfriend wouldn’t let me out of the car… so I knelt on the seat and stuck my body out of the window ahaha



I also obviously had to capture this cutie because look at his fur! He is all spotted and stripy!


Just too cute πŸ™‚



Let me know if you would take an extra half hour and do this little drive if you were going to Waterton! Or have you already done it and seen any bison while you were there? I would definitely say it is worth the little bit of extra time driving because you might just see something cool!

Until next time,


Heading to Waterton, AB

Heading to Waterton, AB

Hello friends,

Todays post will be about our first time going to Waterton, Alberta! Oh my gosh I cannot even explain to you guys how excited we were.

Firstly you all know I definitely had my camera battery fully charge for this day trip! If you have ever googled Waterton Lakes National Park and looked through the pictures, you will understand why we were so excited to go there for the day. It is absolutely stunning. It was 2.5 hours from where we love though (the very south end of Calgary), but totally worth the drive.


Look at the colour of that field! So vibrant I couldn’t even handle it. I am pretty sure I took these pictures while we were driving because I desperately wanted them haha just put the camera in sports mode and you are golden!



On the way to Waterton, we saw a look off point so of course we had to stop! The views from this look off were amazing. These pictures do not do it justice at all. The valley looked like it went on forever and the mountains in the back just looked like a backdrop someone put there! Too beautiful to be real!


But it is real, very real, and it is breath taking.



Thought I would attempt some close up photography of these beautiful flowers. I probably looked pretty funny trying to take these pictures, but I think they turned out decent!




These pictures are from the first pull out when you turned down the smaller road to go into the town of Waterton.


Its a nice lake with, again, a backdrop of mountains. I don’t think I will ever in my life get sick of going to places like this!




Well that was just a teaser post about the beginning of our Waterton adventure! If you want to actually see pictures from our hike (and maybe a surprise we saw!) then you need to stay tuned and subscribe to my blog so you get notified when I post!

Have you ever been to Waterton? Or if you haven’t, do these pictures make you want to take a trip there?!

Until next time,