Kejimkujik National Park Seaside | NS

Kejimkujik National Park Seaside | NS

Hello friends,

Todays post will be a continuation of my time exploring Nova Scotia, Canada. We went to both Kejimkujik National Parks, the inland and the seaside. Both of them were beautiful in their own way.

These parks were much different then I am use to. Growing up and living in Alberta for the all of my life, except those 4 years at university, the parks I visited regularly consisted of mountains, valleys, glaciers, bears, etc. It was a cool experience to see what other types of national parks are out there in Canada.

I have to admit, the seaside park was my favourite out of the two because of the water and the seals that we saw basking in the sun. The trails were nicely groomed, except in some areas closer to the water. I do have to caution you though, the breeze coming off of the water may be cool and refreshing at first, but as you get closer it becomes quite cold and can make your ears hurt. I would bring a hat to wear or even just a sweater that has a good hood.

Anyways, here are some of the pictures from my time at Kejimkujik!










How many can you see?


There were 14 seals on that one rock! Did you guess it?!

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Bridal Veil Falls | ON, Canada

Bridal Veil Falls | ON, Canada

Hello friends,

Todays post is going to be about the amazing Bridal Veil Falls in Ontario! They are absolutely stunning to see and you must go there if you are in the area!

Bridal Veil Falls is located on highway 540 at the entrance to Kagawong. There is a picnic area if there you want to bring lunch as well as nice hiking trails. You should also bring your bathing suit in case you want to take a dip in the falls! They are beautiful… just draping over the rock as they fall into the pool of water below. It literally looks like a brides veil… I guess that is where they get the name from!

I loved the trails. There was a short one and then a few longer ones that allow you to really look around the area. The trails were full of little waterfalls and streams running under the gravel path and wildlife everywhere.

When we got to the end of the trail you come out and there isย a beautiful view of the town. You can see the entrance into the town and in the background is beautiful blue water for days. So gorgeous. I highly recommend taking a day trip there!








Little waterfall on the hiking trail! This is also where I found that frog from the picture in my last post!


I could not get over the tree roots at this park! They were incredible and sticking out of the ground everywhere.



Cute little picnic tables along the trails to grab a seat and enjoy the scenery… or some snacks ๐Ÿ˜‰


What you see when you come out of the trail at the other end, absolutely stunning.


Thats all I have for you today!

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